Casual Friday

ITS FRIDAYYY. My personal favorite day of the week, because I can wear my Oklahoma Kitty t-shirt to work, THE BEST.  Of course with a tweed jacket and leather coated skinny jeans.


And these FABULOUS suede maroon pumps, or as Daniel calls them, my princess shoes. Because every Friday deserves a Cat Tee and Princess shoes. Cheers to that.

I might be overdressed….

Tweed Blazer (Similar)

Coated Skinny Jeans (Similar)

Kitty T-Shirt (Bomb’s Away Art in Tulsa Oklahoma)

Suede Pumps (Similar)



I might not be the best person to talk about jeans, because well, I always get them from the same place.  Jeans are funny because, they are a very personal thing.  Everyone is very particular about it.  Similar to how particular we are about our coffee.  Sometimes we want it right when we wake up, or we wait to drink it until we get to work.  Some of us go to Starbucks, some of us can’t stand Starbucks.  Some like it black, some of us, *cough* me *cough* like it with large amounts of sugary creamer.

Now I really want some Starbucks…

But we all have our own particular wants and needs from our jeans.  I particularly want a pair that will last me the entire season and work with most of my wardrobe.  OH, and look fabulous.

Here is my personal opinion about jeans.  First and foremost, buy a pair of dark wash skinny jeans (or straight leg if they look better on your body type)  You can wear them with all of your shoes (flats, sandals, pumps, tall boots, and booties) and almost any top.  Also, you can treat them like leggings and wear them with tunics and some mini dresses, if that’s your style.

I buy mine from Madewell, however I also suggest LOFT, because they have all different kinds of fits for whatever your body type is.  Curvy, skinny, petite, etc.


I do not usually buy “designer” jeans, because it is just so expensive and I have not taken the time to figure out which brand I like best.  I have bought a couple of pairs of Joe’s Jeans from Nordstrom Rack, and they are pretty nice. But you never really know what style you are trying on when you go to the outlets.

I also like this new style of light washed, slightly distressed, skinny jean.  I love the ones they have at Madewell, but bought a pair from LOFT because they have better sales.  Also, check out the super cute zipper detail at the ankle!  I wore these on a 12-hour travel day, and I was pretty impressed how comfortable they were and how well they held their shape.


I am a lover of the ankle length skinny jean because it highlights my ankles, which makes my legs look thin. However, that style might not be the best on everyone – so if in doubt, go with regular length jeans.

As you can see I also love jeans without details on the back pocket.  It just makes for a cleaner, classier look.  It makes the jean less about the brand, and more about your… assets.

I also love a good boyfriend jean. Make sure not to buy the “slim” boyfriend jeans though, that just means tight…which just means skinny jeans. Pair it with a basic tee and a cute cropped jacket, and you will have comfortable yet stylish look. I bought these from LOFT.


Finally, coated jeans.  This means the look of leather, without the leather. Many stores have these this year. I got mine from Madewell last year, but they have the same style again this year.  This is a great way to update your wardrobe for this fall season without breaking the bank! Just wear them like you would black or dark skinny jeans! Of course LOFT has them this year, and they are almost always having a sale. (Also, if you order online…. just buy enough to get free shipping, then bring back what you didn’t want)


In short, I personally suggest Madewell or Loft for jeans.  LOFT especially if you have curves.  However, I have a few friends that fit really well into Gap jeans (which means you would fit really well into jeans at Old Navy or Banana Republic, since they are the same company)

ONE MORE THING: A lot of times you are going to see sizes that you do not understand.  For instance, size 27.  Do not freak out.  A lot of stores are trying to look classier these days by doing this European sizing system. I will break it down for you:

NORMAL:       WHAT?!:

0                         25

2                         26

4                         27

6                         28

8                         29

10                       30

12                       31

**Madewell does free shipping and returns on their jeans, because they know how personal shopping for jeans is. If you fit well into J. Crew jeans, you will probably like Madewell too.  LOFT has great sales. And if you want to try designer denim, go to Nordstrom Rack or Off 5th.**

Fall Fashion 2014

I am probably the Fall season’s biggest fan. Cool weather is THE BEST. I am so tired of sweating, worrying about wearing sleeves, and pit stains. Time for jackets, dresses with sleeves, and BOOTS.

Of course there are a lot of new fall trends and trends that are always Fall trends, but I am going to tell you which ones I am, literally, buying into and what I think works for the everyday woman.

This is my fall fashion thesis – what you need for this transition season: An army jacket (lightweight), a cute cropped moto jacket, scarves, leather detailed pieces, chambray, shirt dresses, skinny jeans, and some plaid.

First of all, plaid.

Yes every fall season plaid comes back in, but it has come back this season in a massive way. Maybe because this summer has been so hot people are craving it, I don’t know. I don’t have much to say about plaid, other than it’s great and goes with a lot. This season there are a lot of plaid shirt dresses and delicate plaid blouses. Bindhi & Brutus has a popular check scarf that will go with a lot! Put it with a chambray shirt and a black skirt, a chambray shirt dress, or my new fav, a black tee with a black skirt. I personally can’t wait to wear my plaid flannel shirt with my black mini.



Here are a few plaid pieces out there that would be great additions to your wardrobe!


1. Old Navy 2. Bindhi & Brutus 3. Target 4. Loft 5. Loft 6. Loft


Leather is everywhere this fall, and in very wearable ways. Just trust me.  You don’t have to like motorcycles or be a spy anymore.  Just switch one of your classic pieces for a leather/pleather (because I can’t afford real leather, and I can tell my vegetarian friends I do it for the animals) and it will add instant “cool” into your wardrobe.  For example, a tee with leather sleeves, or a leather pencil skirt to work.  I bought a pair of coated black jeans last year and just putting a cool t-shirt or flowy blouse with it give you instant fashion cred. You get the look of leather without the squeeking or heat.  Wearing leather is all about the play between hard and soft. I am in the market for a great black leather jacket, but haven’t met the right one yet. I’m hoping to hear wedding bells and see fireworks when I do find it, but clearly that hasn’t happened.


Here are a few leather pieces that would make an excellent addition to your wardrobe:


1. Old Navy 2. Loft 3. Old Navy 4. Gap 5. Madewell 6. Loft 7. Loft 8. Francescas



I don’t think I need to explain this again, BUT I will tell you where I buy mine. My favorite jeans are from Madewell, they came out with a new line that fits so well yet won’t stretch out over time. They are stretchy but still substantial. However, they are expensive. (Right now they will give you $20 off if you bring in an old pair of your jeans, and they also do student discounts)

I also love LOFT jeans. It is where I always take my skinny jean hater friends, because they have multiple fits for all body types. They have Marisa or straight fit, for people like me who are straight, and then they have the Julie (Curvy) fit, which fits great if you have hips and a tooshy. (is that how you spell it, I have no clue) They also have them in petite and tall. Oh and maternity!  (They look expensive but regularly have 40% and 50% off sales)

For transition into fall, put it with a flowy tank or blouse from the summer, and when it starts getting cooler, put a scarf with it.  Add a military vest for a more “fall” look. ALSO, start with a pair of dark skinny jeans, they are a staple.  Then you can move to the boyfriend and lighter wash jeans.

*10 points if you find my cat*


Here are a few of the jeans I recommend buying:


1. Loft (boyfriend style) 2. Madewell 3. Loft 4. Madewell 5. Loft 6. Loft (straight leg, in case you are afraid of skinny jeans… but you shouldn’t be!)

Black mini

It doesn’t have to be mini, but a flirty black skirt can do your closet a lot of good. I have a J.Crew one and it will get a lot of use this fall. Get a structured one that creates the shape you want for you. Put it with….EVERYTHING. Chambray, tshirts, plaid, tanks, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. I switched mine out this fall with a black leather (pleather) mini from LOFT.  They have such great skirts, in regular and petite.  They usually always have the same shape in something new and fun for every season.


Here are some different black skirt styles, some leather, some not leather, some a-line and some flared out:


1. J.Crew (this one is SUPER flattering, and on sale!) 2. J.Crew Factory(this one is navy blue, woops! They have it in black) 3. American Eagle 4. Madewell 5. Banana Republic 6. Banana Republic 7. Old Navy 8. Loft 9. Target


This is the one piece you really should get for the fall transition!!! You can put it with all of your summer dresses, over shorts, over jeans, OVER ANYTHING.  Seriously, you will not regret this piece.


Here are some army jackets/vests that you can buy today:


1. Madewell 2. Conversation Pieces 3. Loft 4. Old Navy 5. Old Navy 6. J. Crew 7. Conversation Pieces 8. Target


I think stripes are the perfect transitional print because they are super easy to layer. So all you need is a black and white striped tank, tee, or dress. Layer with tights, jackets, and floral print. DONE. Wear your tank with jeans, mini skirts, oh and plaid. Up til fall, you can wear it with your shorts (in any color) and skirts. A striped dress is also good because you can layer it with jackets and cardigans for the cooler days, and when it warms up again for a few days you can just wear it with flats and a cool scarf.

In this picture you can see how to bring the striped dress from Summer into Winter:20140921-162703.jpg


Cropped Jacket:

This is super easy.  Get a cute jacket that you love. It can be fun or it can be basic, just make sure that the colors go with a lot of what you already have.  Maybe start with a simple color or a black and white print.  Here are a few that I like!


1. Anthropologie 2. Anthropologie 3. Loft 4. Loft 5. Target 6. Gap


Replace your white shirt with chambray.  Wear it as a light jacket, under a sweater, under a sweater dress, with bright colored cords, or with denim for a fashionista approach. I will probably do a whole other post about chambray, so I am just going to show you a picture montage.


Chambray shirts are every where now, but here are some easy to find options!


1. Loft 2. Madewell 3. Old Navy


The easiest way to transition to fall is with some scarves!! Duh. You already knew that, I didn’t need to tell you.  Here is another picture montage, because, well, there is no reason to waste my time talking about how great scarves are when you already know it. Check out the infinity scarves at Brutus & Bindhi, we have tons of fun styles to add some color into your fall wardrobe!


Here are some transitional outfits and some Summer to Winter examples:

The Striped Shirt: Early to Late Fall

**STYLING TIP** Tuck in one corner of these flowy shirts for a put together/I-just-threw-this-on-but-still-look-super-cool look.  (Also, check out how the stores style their clothes on mannequins and in their online catalogues, that will give you a good idea for how to wear them.)


Summer Tank Top: Summer to Late Fall


Here are some good transitional tops, for this in between season:


1. Francescas 2. Madewell 3. Loft 4. Madewell 5. Francescas 6. Loft

The Sundress: Summer to Winter


The Little Black Dress: Summer to Winter


Finally, the Shirtdress.

These are great for the transition into fall, especially ones without sleeves, so you can wear them during the warmer pre-Fall days.  Shirt dresses are so simple to layer: Add booties, a scarf, tights, a cardigan or pullover sweater, and finally, a jacket.  OR wear them with sandals right now!


There are tons of shirtdresses out there, here is a small sampling:


1. Old Navy 2.Loft 3. Madewell 4. Loft 5. Madewell 6. Banana Republic 7. Target 8. Target

I can’t wait until it cools down here a tiny bit more so I can start wearing all of these cute clothes!! For now I will drink my fall flavored coffee and look at pictures of the changing leaves online.

** Shoe post and jeans/pants post coming soon!**


It is SOOO incredibly hot here in Enid and getting all of these amazing fall catalogues from Madewell and Anthropologie is really making me ache for some great fall weather.

So that means…. BOOTS! (Plus I just ordered my first pair of cowboy boots and that’s all I can possibly think about right now)

You might not EVER want to own a pair of cowboy boots, but living in Oklahoma basically means that I need them.  Here are my boot staples that I believe everyone should own.

1. Booties— Brown or black.  These are probably my favorite and there are so many styles so there will certainly be a style that is right for almost anyone! (Thinking about that makes me realize that I in fact need more styles to grace the floor of my closet….)

They are also extremely versatile.  I am personally a dress girl, and since I have so many and want to wear them all year, I just put my booties with a sundress and a fabulous blazer.

My new favorite way to wear booties is with a pair of  cuffed skinny or boyfriend jeans.  Luckily for us,  rolling up our jeans just a tiny bit and putting on a heel instantly makes you a fashionista! Ta-DA!!

(From top left clockwise 1. Clarks boots, LOFT Dress 2. Madewell Jeans, Madewell blazer, Forever 21 Booties 3. Francescas Dress, Clarks boots 4. Madewell dress, Clarks boots 5. Madewell scarf, LOFT sweater, Madewell Jeans, Forever 21 Booties)

2. Over the Knee boots – brown or black.  Want to feel super cool and sexy? No? Ok then don’t buy these.  Ok but seriously, buy these. You don’t need to buy the 4 inch snakeskin over the knee boots (please don’t) but get a flat pair or a pair with a small wedge.

The pair I own are suede with a small wedge and they are perfect for the fall and winter.  Put them with black tights and a short dress/ fancy shorts OR wear them over skinny jeans.

I have my eye on these AMAZING frye over the knee boots…. Not that you needed to know that, but my mind is wandering…. Like it does when I start thinking about nachos…. Mmmm nachos…..


(From left to right: 1. Niloulu necklace, Steve Madden boots 2. Niloulu necklace, LOFT shirtdress 3. Anthropologie scarf, Madewell Blazer, Free People dress)

3.   Riding Boots—I would definitely say brown, but if you think you can pull off the  black, go ahead.

These are a little more tricky.  Of course you can wear them with skinny jeans (yeah skinny jeans are the greatest…. But that’s for another day) but you have to be more careful about what else you wear with them.  I  see a lot of women wear them with thick black leggings and a simple tunic (or your man’s button down) and a scarf, but please be careful with this! Make sure if you do this your tunic covers your bum OR just wear your tightest skinny jeans.

You can also wear them with dresses—put them with tights and a dress.  But this is tricky too, you want to make sure that the dress isn’t too long (you could look frumpy) and that the colors make sense together.  I would suggest a simple grey or black dress, with a pattern or not, and a bright colored cardigan or necklace! (In the middle picture I am wearing a simple colored dress with a fun print– and it hits a few inches above my knee)  Think SIMPLE staple pieces and fabulous accessories—there is so much you can do with a great dress. I’m just sayin.


(From left to right: 1. Niloulu tassel necklace, LOFT sweater, Madewell Jeans, Clarks boots 2. Niloulu Cobalt statement necklace, Madewell dress 3. Free People top, Madewell Jeans)

With any boot you really want to study your own legs and learn which areas you want to highlight.  Like with any clothes, you want to make sure you highlight the thinnest part of your body.  For example, even though I love my muscular runners calves, if the top of my boots end where my calf muscles begin, it will cut my legs off and make my legs look chunky.  BUT if I wear short booties,  they will  highlight my slender ankles, and with a heel will bring out my muscle definition.   This is why over the knee boots are so awesome, they go up to the part of your leg that is the thinnest—right above your knee (which is also the most flattering length for a dress).  Everyone will have different leg shapes, so do your research and learn what looks best on you… and when you find that perfect boot(s) haha, buy it in every color…. You can thank me later.

A great way to start is to buy a cheap pair somewhere, in a style you want to try but don’t want to break the bank, and see how you like them.  Then, after you get enough compliments (mostly kidding) buy the more expensive version that will last.

Ok and last but not least, COWBOY BOOTS!!! Just because they were my inspirations for this post.


(Clockwise from top left: 1. Free People dress, Lucchese Boots 2. Niloulu White Statement necklace, Madewell peplum top, Madewell jean shorts 3. American Eagle dress, Niloulu triangle necklace4. Free people dress, Niloulu triangle necklace 5. LOFT wrap dress, Niloulu triangle necklace)