I can finally think about the holidays now that the semester is over and I AM LOVING IT. I know a lot of people despise Christmas parties, but I look forward to them all year.  Christmas parties are the best excuse to wear sequins, lace and all the bling you have!

Also, I love chips and dip.

Here are some of the outfits I would wear!


One of my favorite colors to wear during the holiday season is winter white. It is basically just off white, but why would you call it that when you can call it winter white? So much more fun.  If you have a lace dress with a slip underneath, try putting a sequin slip underneath to add more sparkle! When you have a lot of sequins in an outfit make sure to put on simple jewelry.


To get the over-the-knee look without buying new boots, put tall socks with your booties–just make sure they are the same color.  This will also be super warm and comfortable!


Of course red is always a good option for holiday parties and dinners with your family. Be careful what you put with the red.  too much black will make you look like santa, but too much brown will make you look too matronly.  I like to put nude or gold accessories with red to add a little sparkle, but not overwhelm the outfit.  Let the red speak for itself–it knows what it is talking about.


If you want to dress down your red dress to go to coffee with a friend, just put some brown booties with it!



Of course green.  Green is great with black for the holidays.  My mom got me these UH-MAZING black sequin leggings, and there is nothing more perfect to put them with than a holiday tunic.  I also put a simple necklace with it to add a little sparkle, and some black booties.  (Recent purchase, aren’t they so fun?? Thank you Lesley and Emily for talking me into them!)


Another great way to wear sequin leggings is to put them with a long slouchy t-shirt.  Always go for something a little unexpected.


One of my favorite color combinations is gold and winter white. (I keep wanting to spell “winter” with an “h”–“whinter”)  Gold sequin anything goes great with winter white, navy, black, or chambray.  Add black tights to this look if it is freezing where you live!



This is one of my favorite dresses, I just always feel chic when I wear it. Any black velvet dress will do.  Wear simple gold jewelry with it, maybe layer two or three simple necklaces to add interest.  If it goes past your knees, make sure to wear heels, whether it be booties or pumps! Also, if you dress is longer, make sure to wear a short jacket with it.  That will give you a small waist as opposed to a frumpy look.



I don’t always wear animal print, but when I do, I wear Ann Taylor Loft.

This is pretty much true actually! I love the way Loft and Ann Taylor do animal print.  This dress is great–it has dolman sleeves and a sweet animal print with a hint of coral.  Put this Black Niloulu statment necklace with it and some black booties, and you have a party worthy outfit. You can do this for almost any animal print.  Look at the prints they have at J. Crew, Ann Taylor, and Loft to get an idea what classy animal print looks like.  Let them be your guiding star.



This is pretty self explanatory.  Wear it like you would any other black mini skirt, but add festive accessories to make it more appropriate for holiday events! For those who want top suggestions: Chambray (of course), white blouse, striped t-shirt, bright t-shirt, cropped sweater…. and many more!



For the days when the temperature gets into the teens, wear a festive top and pants!  This year I ventured away from my skinny jeans *GASP*  and got these amazing skinny ponte pants with leather details from Ann Taylor.  When you have hard details like leather, put it with something super feminine and dainty, like lace.  This contrast will create a head turning outfit.


Of course you can wear your dark skinnies to a party too! Just put it with a festive sequin top and a simple necklace.  Wear boots, booties, or pumps.



If you have a dress that has a fabulous top, try tucking it into a skirt to create a new dress.  If you are worried about the outfit falling apart, put a belt with it to make it more secure.  Get more out of your clothes!!


With any of these outfits you can put black tights with them to add more warmth.

Take your christmas party invite as an excuse to wear fabulous clothes you never get the chance to wear! Wear sequins, wear lace, wear bling!!

What I wore:

Ann Taylor Ponte Pants with leather details

Loft Lace Peplum Top

Loft Black Sequin Mini

Red Dress (similar)

Free People Festive Tops

White Lace Dress (similar)

Animal Print dress (similar)