So this is a pretty patriotic month – World Cup and the Fourth of July – which means there are a lot of red, white & blue moments.  Here are some fun outfits to wear during your World Cup parties and Fourth of July bbq.


There is pretty much no outfit more American than jeans and a white top.  It’s true, you can’t question this. Add a couple of your own unique touches, like layering gold necklaces and some bright red shoes, and are now “put-together”


Because fireworks are at night, bring a patriotic scarf along!




Cowgirl boots are also quite American, in fact – go ahead and feel free to substitute out one of the three colors for cowgirl boots if you feel led to do so. I don’t need any red here, I have boots!!


If in doubt, wear simple jewelry like this tiny gold triple heart pendant necklace or tiny star post earrings to be more patriotic!


Of course I support wearing a dress on the Fourth as well. Here are 3 different looks with the color of your choosing:

First up, the red dress:


Put it with a white statement necklace and some cobalt shoes (or vice versa) and you have the perfect Fourth of July get up.  (Of course have a jean jacket on hand if it gets chilly)


Navy Blue dress: I love these because they are like the casual little black dress. (And if you spill salsa on it you can see it as much)


Just chilling and “swooshing” my hair around.


White Dress: The classic summer staple.  Of course it works well for Fourth of July, it is part of the color trio AND it is super feminine.  I put it with the Blue and Red Rayon Polka Dot scarf and bright red sandals.  And again, have a jean jacket handy in case it gets cold at night!


Need a more fashionista approach?

Try a black skirt with a sleeveless chambray shirt (patterned or not), red sandals, and a statement necklace.


OR a similar look but with a bright red skirt. Also I must point out how awesome these taupe summer booties are…. I just got them at Nordstrom Rack a couple weeks ago for a very good deal – go check it out!


This white necklace really is perfect for your summery outfits!


You could also take a statement skirt and put it with a tied up t-shirt:


AND a cat– he’s wearing red too!


How about a navy eyelet lace skirt with a white cotton tank top, red sandals, and a red patterned scarf? Why yes, I believe this works too!


Or let the skirt do all the work for you and put a simple top (and belt if needed) with it.


Here is another fun outfit my great photographer picked out for me, thank you Lyssa!


Oh yeah, sequins, lace, cowgirl boots, AND a sleeveless military jacket! YAY AMERICA!


Tie a belt around it for extra points.

Here are where you can find some similar pieces to put together your Fourth of July wardrobe!

White Tank Top – Similar

Jean shorts – Madewell

White Dress – Similar

Red Dress – Similar

Sleeveless Chambray – Similar

Sleeveless Military Jacket – Old Navy

Navy Dress – Similar

Blue Lace Top – Similar

Red, White & Blue Skirt – Similar

Cobalt Skirt – Similar

Red Mini Skirt – Similar

Black Mini Skirt – J. Crew

Navy Eyelet Skirt – Similar

Red Sandals – Similar

Blue Flats – J. Crew

Fourth of July Accessories:


Fun with Scarves

It is always good to have an old episode of Downton Abbey available on your laptop when your flight goes longer than expected. Who doesn’t want to be reminded of the glory of Downton Abbey when both Matthew and Sybil were still alive?

OH I love traveling to visit my family in Virginia.  Thai food, shopping, the fancy shampoo my mom puts in the guest bathroom and the extensive wine collection my parents have at their house- you know the important things.

But ah, you do not read this blog for my travel tips… though I do have quite a few.

Back to scarves!

One thing I LOVE about infinity scarves is all the work in correctly tying and wearing a scarf is mostly done. I even turn a lot of my regular scarves into infinity scarves so I can just throw it on and not worry about it getting all messed up.


This trip I decided to relive an old past time with my mom, fabric shopping! Except this time I actually enjoyed it. (Fabric shopping is one of those things that is awesome for the person shopping, but really awful if you don’t have a project in mind)

I used my mom’s beautiful singer sewing machine and decided to take the scarves out on a test run with my sister. (No, my hair is not going blonde)


We went to a winery in Clifton, VA to take the pics and realized that we should probably buy some wine so we would stop getting weird looks from the people working there.

Also because it was an excellent excuse to buy wine.


This print I love. It has so many colors, and can go with black AND navy.

And the on trend military jacket…20140408-154430.jpg

How cute is my sister by the way? In the barn pictures she is wearing the multi-colored rayon scarf, which is SO soft and drapes so beautifully!20140408-154548.jpg

This blue tribal print scarf is also great to wear with navy and black. (Those colors are important to me because they are the staples of packing! Or so I think) Also, this is the scarf my husband likes the best. 20140408-154558.jpg



This scarf is sold out (My sis bought it, sorry!) But I wanted to take pictures of it anyways!


What adds more romance to a look than blush chiffon? The understated print allows this scarf to be worn as a solid and will look FABULOUS with black and white.




I always wondered if store owners kept a lot of the items that they sell, and now that I have a store, I can say, yes they do.  Marketing right?


So many fun options to vamp up your wardrobe! Plus if none of these fits your fancy, we are frequently adding new styles. (And all scarves are on sale this weekend!!)

 Come shop for one that fits your style!


Burnt Sienna Lace

My lace obsession is seriously getting to be a major problem.  Is there anything more feminine? Every time I wear lace I feel like I should be in a movie.  Plus the color of this dress is UH-mazing.


Everyone has a color that just pops on them, and apparently rust is mine.  One of the reasons I love it so much is that it is such a different color than you usually see.  It goes great with pale pink, emerald green, gold, black, and cobalt.


Pop it with a bright color, or keep it low key with black tights, boots and gold accessories.


Where to find:

Dress (Anthropologie): SimilarSimilar color

Belt: Similar

Gold Spiked Ball necklace: niloulu

Green flats: Similar

Black Booties: SimilarSimilar

Outbound Jacket: Madewell

Black & White Dress

So when I told my husband how I wanted to post more about what I wore everyday instead of just every once in awhile, he started laughing so hard he fell on the floor.  Ok, so I wear a lot of lounge clothes. I admit it. But, I can still get dressed up to go to the grocery store! Another reason why I substitute teach, I can wear my cute dresses and patterned pants.


Black and white dresses are awesome because you can wear them during any season and you can wear almost any type of shoe and any type of accessory.   In fact, if you follow this blog I’m sure you will see a lot of black and white dresses.

A lot of times I put a bright belt with this dress, but today I decided to go with a more classic look and put my gold belt and clear bead statement necklace with it.


I added a touch of color with this great hunter green jacket from LOFT.


Finally I added this great metallic grey scarf to add a little extra layering and also to be more conservative at work.

You can see how easy it is to layer in the winter! If it was freezing I would have added tights, and worn a long coat over the small blazer.


Where to find:

Black and White Dress

Clockwise from top left:

1. LOFT 2. Anthropologie 3. Anthropologie 4. Banana Republic 5. Old Navy 6. Forever 21


Colored Blazer, Similar (ON SALE)

Brown Boots, Similar

Gold Belt, Similar

Clear Bead Statement Necklace

Scarf, very similar

Seeing Plaid

Plaid is BACK! Not that it was ever really gone, it never really seems to go out of style.

I have very limited plaid in my closet, but when I saw this skirt in Madewell I had to try it! I like how simple and easy it is to wear in many different ways.  Plus the shirttail silhouette is very flattering.

Lately I have had a lot of fun wearing t-shirts in unexpected ways.  For example, wearing this PURRFECT “Oklahoma Kitty” t-shirt from local Tulsa artist Bombs Away Art with my plaid skirt, among other things.  Look for a slouchy tee with a black and white print, it will go with everything! I  usually buy the unisex styles, instead of the styles designed for women. I do not like cap sleeves and  I do not like small v-necks thank you very much. Who looks good in a cap sleeve anyway?? WHO?? Ok, enough with my rant.  I also usually go up a size to add a little extra slouch and if the sleeves are too long, roll them up.


There is that small tuck in the front again, see how effortless of a look it makes? And to top it all off, add a bright accessory, especially if you are wearing a dark plaid.


If you want to go with a more classic look, try wearing a shirt that matches one of the less prominent colors in the plaid, or of course chambray.


Of course add a piece of jewelry, simple or bold! I put the Clear Bead Statement necklace with it to add a little understated sparkle.  Although it is a fashion jump for me, I buttoned up the shirt and put the necklace right up under the collar.


In conclusion, you do not have to be a lumberjack or a catholic school girl to wear plaid.  Just find the right piece for you.  For a good classy plaid, J. Crew, Madewell, and Ann Taylor are good places to start.  If you want unconventional plaid, check out Free People.

To find:

Plaid Skirt

Military Jacket

-Booties, similar

Green Button Down shirt

Gold Necklace

Clear Bead Statement Necklace

Chunky Scarf (custom made at niloulu, email us through our etsy store for details!)

-T-shirt (Bombs Away Art)

-Kate Spade Crossbody bag, similar

How to Wear a Dress in the Cold!

I really, REALLY tried today.  I tried to look cute in my house although I was freezing for no reason.  I, however, found myself adding more and more layers as the day went on.  I started with a cute sweatshirt dress, then added my ugg slippers, then a scarf, then I added my yoga pants, and lastly a fleece hoodie.  I basically ended up looking like the cat lady that I really am… NO ONE CAN KNOW… I must find a way to disguise my “cat-ladiness”.

I am determined that we can all look cute even when we are FREEZING.

However, until they start making house slippers that don’t make me look like the sad part in a rom-com, I will continue to make use of mine.

A lot of my friends cannot believe that I wear dresses when it is so cold outside. The thing is, I love wearing dresses so I had to figure out how to keep wearing them even in the middle of winter. The most important part in wearing a dress when you decide to weather the cold is layering, and of course a baller winter coat. You do not necessarily want to wear a long sleeve dress when you go out into the cold… your destination might be very warm inside  and you will end up getting sweatier than you thought.

I like to wear a simple tank dress and add layers:



-Wooly socks (if your feet are warm, you will be warm)


-Sparkly necklace

-Light to heavy jacket (or light jacket under a heavy jacket)

-Boots (tall or short depending on the weather)

-Scarf and gloves.

This way, when you end up in a place where they decided to pay extra for heat, you can just keep peeling layers until you feel comfortable.

I like to wear flouncy, chiffon dresses under structured coats.  It adds a romantic dimension to to your winter look, plus adds some excitement to your day when there is a sudden gust of wind.


It definitely helps to wear a longer jacket when you wear a dress into the cold weather.  Longer jackets are also great because you can wear all sorts of sweaters underneath and they will not peek out at the bottom.


Body-con dresses are great layering pieces as well.  They are great if you have loose sweaters and accessories to wear over it.  Pick one in a thick, forgiving fabric for warmth and also so it does not reveal every imperfection.  A super warm chunky scarf helps too, and this one is extremely versatile with a little sparkle.20140112-155456.jpg

Wearing control top tights helps to smooth out the bumps. (Add a skinny belt to camouflage the bump it makes at the top- if you’re like me and don’t have rock hard abs)


Of course you can wear tall boots with your dress as well, I just love these booties!

So as you can see, wearing a dress in the winter is really just a formula.  Just change out the dress and small accessories, and keep almost everything else the same! (Especially the warm socks)

To find:

-Black coat, Similar

-Flouncy Chiffon Dress, Similar

Military inspired jacket

-Booties, Similar

-Scarf (handmade at niloulu, custom ordering available just email us through etsy!)

Feather Necklace

Clear Bead Statement Necklace

Body-con Dress (ON SALE!!)


I can finally think about the holidays now that the semester is over and I AM LOVING IT. I know a lot of people despise Christmas parties, but I look forward to them all year.  Christmas parties are the best excuse to wear sequins, lace and all the bling you have!

Also, I love chips and dip.

Here are some of the outfits I would wear!


One of my favorite colors to wear during the holiday season is winter white. It is basically just off white, but why would you call it that when you can call it winter white? So much more fun.  If you have a lace dress with a slip underneath, try putting a sequin slip underneath to add more sparkle! When you have a lot of sequins in an outfit make sure to put on simple jewelry.


To get the over-the-knee look without buying new boots, put tall socks with your booties–just make sure they are the same color.  This will also be super warm and comfortable!


Of course red is always a good option for holiday parties and dinners with your family. Be careful what you put with the red.  too much black will make you look like santa, but too much brown will make you look too matronly.  I like to put nude or gold accessories with red to add a little sparkle, but not overwhelm the outfit.  Let the red speak for itself–it knows what it is talking about.


If you want to dress down your red dress to go to coffee with a friend, just put some brown booties with it!



Of course green.  Green is great with black for the holidays.  My mom got me these UH-MAZING black sequin leggings, and there is nothing more perfect to put them with than a holiday tunic.  I also put a simple necklace with it to add a little sparkle, and some black booties.  (Recent purchase, aren’t they so fun?? Thank you Lesley and Emily for talking me into them!)


Another great way to wear sequin leggings is to put them with a long slouchy t-shirt.  Always go for something a little unexpected.


One of my favorite color combinations is gold and winter white. (I keep wanting to spell “winter” with an “h”–“whinter”)  Gold sequin anything goes great with winter white, navy, black, or chambray.  Add black tights to this look if it is freezing where you live!



This is one of my favorite dresses, I just always feel chic when I wear it. Any black velvet dress will do.  Wear simple gold jewelry with it, maybe layer two or three simple necklaces to add interest.  If it goes past your knees, make sure to wear heels, whether it be booties or pumps! Also, if you dress is longer, make sure to wear a short jacket with it.  That will give you a small waist as opposed to a frumpy look.



I don’t always wear animal print, but when I do, I wear Ann Taylor Loft.

This is pretty much true actually! I love the way Loft and Ann Taylor do animal print.  This dress is great–it has dolman sleeves and a sweet animal print with a hint of coral.  Put this Black Niloulu statment necklace with it and some black booties, and you have a party worthy outfit. You can do this for almost any animal print.  Look at the prints they have at J. Crew, Ann Taylor, and Loft to get an idea what classy animal print looks like.  Let them be your guiding star.



This is pretty self explanatory.  Wear it like you would any other black mini skirt, but add festive accessories to make it more appropriate for holiday events! For those who want top suggestions: Chambray (of course), white blouse, striped t-shirt, bright t-shirt, cropped sweater…. and many more!



For the days when the temperature gets into the teens, wear a festive top and pants!  This year I ventured away from my skinny jeans *GASP*  and got these amazing skinny ponte pants with leather details from Ann Taylor.  When you have hard details like leather, put it with something super feminine and dainty, like lace.  This contrast will create a head turning outfit.


Of course you can wear your dark skinnies to a party too! Just put it with a festive sequin top and a simple necklace.  Wear boots, booties, or pumps.



If you have a dress that has a fabulous top, try tucking it into a skirt to create a new dress.  If you are worried about the outfit falling apart, put a belt with it to make it more secure.  Get more out of your clothes!!


With any of these outfits you can put black tights with them to add more warmth.

Take your christmas party invite as an excuse to wear fabulous clothes you never get the chance to wear! Wear sequins, wear lace, wear bling!!

What I wore:

Ann Taylor Ponte Pants with leather details

Loft Lace Peplum Top

Loft Black Sequin Mini

Red Dress (similar)

Free People Festive Tops

White Lace Dress (similar)

Animal Print dress (similar)