What NOT to Wear to Military Functions

I’ve been inspired this week by the upcoming Air Force Ball and Miley Cyrus’s wardrobe at the VMA’s. Even if you are not a military brat or a spouse, you might at some point in your life end up at a military function. For instance a promotion ceremony or a pilot training graduation.  One rule of thumb that makes it easy is to match the person in uniform you are going with, however, make sure to always dress modestly and with class. You are a direct reflection of the person you are with, so make them look good! You can always ask yourself, what would Kate Middleton do? WWKMD.

Let’s start with the ABU or Flight Suit:

Now this is the most casual you will dress, besides of course the PT uniform. This would probably be an event like a squadron potluck or an assignment night. If you are really nervous about what to wear, I say wear a tee dress with a statement necklace. Here are some pictures for reference (pictures might be outdated):


Oh Tom…. Ok, back to business!

If they are wearing this, you will wear something casual but cute.  This could be anything from jeans and a cute top to a sundress – so if you are not sure, wear something in between. Probably not the place to bring out your crop top or your cut off shorts, you might run into his boss or his work friends.  Also, this is what you would wear to spouse socials, such as OSC/ESC. Here are some examples:

IMG_2005 IMG_2012 IMG_2013 IMG_1972 IMG_1971 IMG_1973 IMG_1977 IMG_6101 IMG_6031


Air Force Blues: (This is going to look similar to a suit)

This is most likely to be worn at Change of Command ceremonies, retirements, promotions, and graduations.


So if they are wearing this, you will wear something similar to what you would wear to a wedding – a sundress, a lace dress, a nice maxi dress, etc. I’d say avoid spaghetti straps, but a modest strapless dress would be appropriate. Some great places to shop for these occasions would be Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, LOFT, and J. Crew. As a rule of thumb, don’t get your dresses from somewhere you shopped in High School, like American Eagle or Forever 21 – not that you can’t find a good one there ( I have a few), but you are most likely OVER 21 now, wear adult clothing.  Here are some examples:

IMG_2010 IMG_1970 IMG_1966 IMG_1978 IMG_0714

And here is a Kate example:


WHAT NOT TO WEAR:  These dresses all have a place, but not to an event where your military member is wearing his/her blues.


And finally, Mess Dress:

This is the fanciest you will get, and when I say fancy, I mean fancy-fancy. I’m not talking Easter Sunday, I’m not talking holiday party, I’m talking full length gown fancy.  So please don’t show up in a sundress.  If you are nervous about wearing a full-length gown, wear a fancy short cocktail dress. That is acceptable. Just make sure to have on some sparkle, cute shoes, and a clutch. Here is what it will look like:


It is best to wear a full length gown or a fancy cocktail dress.  No poof, no see through, no low back, no side-boob, not a ton of cleavage, and no train. We are NOT talking your prom dress.  If your 16 year old self would have worn it to Homecoming, DO NOT WEAR IT TO A MILITARY FUNCTION. Channel Kate Middleton when you are shopping.  Great places to shop are BCBG MaxAzria Outlet, Nordstrom Rack online, Saks Fifth Avenue’s OFF Fifth, the J. Crew wedding section, and Rent the Runway! Here is what I would wear (and disregard the hanger straps – it seems it doesn’t matter how many times I stuff them back in, they always pop out!!! So maybe learn from me and just cut them off) :




Here are a few more examples of what would be appropriate (disregard any trains):


And here is what NOT to wear:


Remember, you are a direct reflection of your spouse, your friend, or your family member – make them look good! It is not all about you and how hard you’ve worked all Summer to look good in that dress.  But YES, you can still have a lot of fun with it and be yourself, just not the Kim Kardashian version of yourself. Bring her out when you go to Vegas.


However, if your man is wearing this:


You should wear this:


I mean, obviously.


Pink Aluminium

J. Crew has a way with words.  Not only do they have the best colors, but they also are the best at naming their colors. I don’t usually go for pink, but this color has a little bit of an edge. I also think this color is going to start popping up a lot in the Spring (Along with a light to medium blue).IMG_9591

I look forward to wearing it with black skinny jeans, white jeans, and anything in medium blue — like the scarf pictured below!


IMG_9599Oh how I love a good drapey sweater.  I am always looking for a good one that is cozy yet still flattering, and of course J. Crew has that look down.  They are not only the experts in color naming, but also disheveled chic. Which is how I try to dress on Mondays, even if it is by accident.

Where to buy:

J. Crew Sweater

BB Dakota Lace Skirt

Black & White Pumps (Similar)

Bindhi & Brutus scarf

Kate Spade Purse (Similar)


I was kindly asked to talk about makeup, and more specifically makeup for Fall. I LOVE doing makeup, and enjoy trying new things.  I am not oblivious to the fact that many people are better at makeup than I am, however I can share what I do know!

A lot of my friends grew up on drug store make up, however I became very addicted to Sephora at a very early age.  This is the thing – my makeup lasts a very long time.  Most of the time you are going to get what you pay for.  Yes I am aware that there are some exceptions to that rule, (I heard drug store mascara is pretty baller) but most of the time, it is true.

These are my make-up picks:


1. Naked Palette – Ok, this is my ultimate favorite. First of all, there are THREE different palettes so they have one that will work for your eyes.  They are the neutrals that everyone needs, yet you can mix and match and try new methods, even a smoky eye. There are also colors in there that you can just quickly swipe on and go in the morning.  I LOVE IT. Also, I had mine for two years and didn’t even go through it all…. but decided that it is probably unsanitary to have makeup for that long. I currently have the original Naked and Naked 2. If you have rosy skin color like me, the Naked 2 palette is pretty amazing! It also comes with an awesome brush!

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil – These are simply the best. Easy to put on and don’t smear.  DONE.  Also, they have tons of fun colors if you want to try something new.  As far as colors go, it really depends on your eye color.  I tend to stay away from black because it is very harsh.  Instead, I go with a dark brown “Demolition”.  Also, I learned from Carmindy on What Not to Wear, that it is also fun to go with a color opposite from what your eyes are.  I have brown eyes, so I tried a navy blue eyeliner “Sabbath”, and it really did make my eyes pop! On days when I don’t feel like doing much, I wear a copper eyeliner with mascara….. and found that’s when I get the most compliments on my make up.  To try this, blue eyed people try blue liner, green eyed try green.

3. Bareminerals Bareskin foundation – I recently tried their new liquid foundation and I love it! easy to put on and great coverage.  Also it is super light.  I am not usually one to wear foundation, but there are certain times when you just want to look more put together, and this is perfect. I used to wear their powder foundation, but again, had it for so long that I had to throw it away and get something new.

4. Clinique Chubby Sticks – These are great for lip color.  They are like a cross between lip stick, lip gloss and chap stick.  Easy to put on and they feel good on your lips aka. your hair won’t get caught in your lips.  I personally have Mega Melon, Bountiful Blush, and Graped Up.

5.  Nars “Orgasm” Blush – Ok I blushed just typing that, I know, its awkward.  However, simply put, its the best and can be worn on all skin colors.  I found how important blush is – it helps to give your face definition.

6. Buxom “Brandi” Lip Polish – I was at the beach house this summer with my family and had to use my sisters bathroom on the reg to change and shower.  Well, she always has the best stuff and so of course I had to try the lip gloss she had in her makeup bag.  I did, and I love it.  Just such a basic to have in your purse.  Sorry Michelle!  I picked the darker color in this for the Fall, which is pretty much the only change I’m making to my makeup regimen for the change in the season.

7. Urban Decay Eye Primer – This will help your make up to last longer.  Not only on your face, but also in your makeup drawer.  You do not have to put on as much and it will last all day.

8. Urban Decay Super Curl Mascara – I have a few mascaras that I like, but everyone is going to have their own opinions.  I like this one and the bare minerals mascara the best.  They don’t run very easily and it looks great.  Also, the brush helps to separate my lashes.  I usually love the Clinique mascara, but since trying it again, it runs so easily and is pretty clumpy…. and I don’t have time for that.

What I typically do in the morning is put on a light eye shadow color all over my upper eyelid, and then put a darker shade on the lower part of my upper eyelid.  I then put brown eyeliner ONLY on the upper eyelid tracing very carefully along the eyelashes.  Put on mascara, blush and either the Clinique chubby stick or lip gloss.  Its easy and only takes 5-10 minutes.  Unless your cat jumps on you right as you are putting on mascara and you have to redo it after smearing mascara all over your face.

Makeup should be fun, so try new things! You never have to settle on one routine, that is the beauty of it!! (Did you get my pun? Probably not, its ok, I’ll laugh at my own joke.)

Another fun idea is to try the Birchbox program, it is ten dollars a month and you get a package full of beauty products.  And lets be honest, getting a package in the mail is a priceless moment.