Noonday Collection

I’m sure that you have seen and heard of fair trade EVERYTHING. Well, this girl has never gotten into the trend because (1) it usually smells a little funky (2) it isn’t really that cute and (3) I don’t trust that it actually makes to the people who need it.


Well I was recently introduced to Noonday Collection, which is a jewelry and accessories company that gives dignified jobs to people in developing countries.  Yes, I was skeptical at first – I don’t trust very easily – but after checking out the website, I found about ten things I wanted almost immediately.  Not only does it help out men and women who might’ve been in danger of being trafficked, but it is actually very, very fashionable! (And it doesn’t smell funky)

My beautiful and fashionable friend Sara, the one who introduced me, recently became a Noonday Ambassador and I HAD to throw a trunk show, like immediately. I put together a few looks so you can see how awesome it is!


My FAVORITE necklace is this beautiful lilac paper bead necklace – also known as a shirt, because its massive. (It is sold out now but here is a similar necklace!)

Dress it up with a white lace dress or romper OR put it with a simple cotton dress to dress it down! I also love to wear this necklace with a high neck grey tank and cut-off shorts.

Now for my other favorite, the Imperial Horn Necklace. It’s THE cool girl necklace – if you wanna look cool, you need it.




A little blurry but you get the idea – I LOVE the Summer vibe of this necklace! It is super easy to wear with a simple tank top and shorts, AND it looks so awesome with our polka dot clutch!!

These statement necklaces can be intimidating – so remember to stay simple with your outfit if you are going to wear one! The easiest way? High-neck tank top, and Old Navy has a bunch of those right now!


Enter a caption

My favorites:

And before I start, I’d like to say that every single thing they sell is way cooler in person. That’s all. You may proceed.

The Imperial Horn Necklace

It might look intense and crazy, but let me tell you, it is SO COOL. You will get major cool girl points if you wear this! This can carry from Summer into Fall. Wear it with your neutrals, especially with white and black.


The City Scape Necklace

Ok, this one is WAY COOLER in person – I promise. I also plan on taking pictures with this one as soon as I get it in my order!!


La Bella Bag

This was my splurge/ I used my hostess benefits on this one. Need I explain? Yeah, its amazing and I can’t wait to travel with it!

Chennai Bag

This one is on my “Wait to go on sale” list – it is just fun, and funky, and easy to wear. And I hate that I had to choose between the La Bella and this one – it is SO AMAZING!

Sunita Necklace

This one is just simple and sparkly, I plan on wearing it with a TON. Definitely an every day necklace.

The Rachel Necklace

This is the not-so-scary statement necklace that will probably work in anyone’s wardrobe.  This one is on my list to buy in the future!

The Pagoda Necklace

Talk about TRENDING! This is the Noonday Necklace I’ve seen out and about the most.  You could wear this with a simple tee or even a dress to work.  (Also on my list to buy in the future)

Modern Romance Necklace

*Heart Eyes Emoji* x 10

Ibis Necklace

ON SALE!! And seriously perfect for tank top season.

Ibrahim Necklace

It is very hard to find a good silver necklace – and this one just fits the bill. Plus, you can take off the chain extender and wear it as a bracelet – say whaaa??

Monaco Necklace

This one is just simply pretty, also I can never turn down a white piece of jewelry. (Why is that? I don’t know) Probably the easiest to wear to work and wear with a dress! Ad guess what – ITS ALSO ON SALE!!

If my ears were pierced:

So that is my review of the Noonday Collection.  It is definitely worth a visit to their website, and sale section! Cool girl jewelry for a really awesome cause!

My ambassador is Sara Davis – she is awesome, and if you decide to buy some new accessories, make sure you make her your ambassador – or if you wanna set up a trunk show shoot her an email!


Pink Aluminium

J. Crew has a way with words.  Not only do they have the best colors, but they also are the best at naming their colors. I don’t usually go for pink, but this color has a little bit of an edge. I also think this color is going to start popping up a lot in the Spring (Along with a light to medium blue).IMG_9591

I look forward to wearing it with black skinny jeans, white jeans, and anything in medium blue — like the scarf pictured below!


IMG_9599Oh how I love a good drapey sweater.  I am always looking for a good one that is cozy yet still flattering, and of course J. Crew has that look down.  They are not only the experts in color naming, but also disheveled chic. Which is how I try to dress on Mondays, even if it is by accident.

Where to buy:

J. Crew Sweater

BB Dakota Lace Skirt

Black & White Pumps (Similar)

Bindhi & Brutus scarf

Kate Spade Purse (Similar)

Window Pane

I bought this dress at LOFT and I’ve been waiting to wear it until got warmer, but I’ve become impatient.  However, I will admit I am thoroughly enjoying the snow.  There isn’t much better to me than waking up to a fresh blanket of snow, even if I do have to drive into work…. that just means I HAVE to treat myself to a Caramel Flan Latte, right?IMG_9550

But adding bright accessories to your outfit really will brighten your day, I promise.


To make this Spring dress Winter appropriate I added the obvious tights and boots, but then also a chambray shirt underneath.  Comfortable, warm, and put together.  This look  is possible with almost any t-shirt dress, and there are tons of options available right now! I will also probably try this look with a crisp white button down as well.

Where to get this look:

Lou & Grey Tee Dress

LOFT Chambray Shirt

Bindhi & Brutus Necklace

Kate Spade Purse (Similar)

Madewell Booties (Similar)

Floral Blazer – 4 Ways

Well I don’t know about you, but I have a thing for floral print.  A MAJOR thing. So a floral blazer? Well, it was a done deal. Here are 4 ways to wear it:


The easiest way to wear it is with a t-shirt and jeans.  (Bonus points if you wear them with colored jeans/cords) Just adds that extra sum’n sum’n to an otherwise plain outfit.


A good casual Friday look would be with a flippy green skirt and a chambray shirt. (I’m pretty much a walking advertisement for LOFT at this point….. they should pay me)


Of course floral print with stripes. It is the new classic print mix combo.  Get to know it!


I was putting together another look with this black sweater dress and decided that the floral blazer looked awesome with it! Sometimes the best looks are literally thrown together last minute. Over the knee boots and a mini dress, how could you go wrong?


Similar Floral Blazers:



Forever 21

Forever 21

Jewelry from Bindhi & Brutus!


I was kindly asked to talk about makeup, and more specifically makeup for Fall. I LOVE doing makeup, and enjoy trying new things.  I am not oblivious to the fact that many people are better at makeup than I am, however I can share what I do know!

A lot of my friends grew up on drug store make up, however I became very addicted to Sephora at a very early age.  This is the thing – my makeup lasts a very long time.  Most of the time you are going to get what you pay for.  Yes I am aware that there are some exceptions to that rule, (I heard drug store mascara is pretty baller) but most of the time, it is true.

These are my make-up picks:


1. Naked Palette – Ok, this is my ultimate favorite. First of all, there are THREE different palettes so they have one that will work for your eyes.  They are the neutrals that everyone needs, yet you can mix and match and try new methods, even a smoky eye. There are also colors in there that you can just quickly swipe on and go in the morning.  I LOVE IT. Also, I had mine for two years and didn’t even go through it all…. but decided that it is probably unsanitary to have makeup for that long. I currently have the original Naked and Naked 2. If you have rosy skin color like me, the Naked 2 palette is pretty amazing! It also comes with an awesome brush!

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil – These are simply the best. Easy to put on and don’t smear.  DONE.  Also, they have tons of fun colors if you want to try something new.  As far as colors go, it really depends on your eye color.  I tend to stay away from black because it is very harsh.  Instead, I go with a dark brown “Demolition”.  Also, I learned from Carmindy on What Not to Wear, that it is also fun to go with a color opposite from what your eyes are.  I have brown eyes, so I tried a navy blue eyeliner “Sabbath”, and it really did make my eyes pop! On days when I don’t feel like doing much, I wear a copper eyeliner with mascara….. and found that’s when I get the most compliments on my make up.  To try this, blue eyed people try blue liner, green eyed try green.

3. Bareminerals Bareskin foundation – I recently tried their new liquid foundation and I love it! easy to put on and great coverage.  Also it is super light.  I am not usually one to wear foundation, but there are certain times when you just want to look more put together, and this is perfect. I used to wear their powder foundation, but again, had it for so long that I had to throw it away and get something new.

4. Clinique Chubby Sticks – These are great for lip color.  They are like a cross between lip stick, lip gloss and chap stick.  Easy to put on and they feel good on your lips aka. your hair won’t get caught in your lips.  I personally have Mega Melon, Bountiful Blush, and Graped Up.

5.  Nars “Orgasm” Blush – Ok I blushed just typing that, I know, its awkward.  However, simply put, its the best and can be worn on all skin colors.  I found how important blush is – it helps to give your face definition.

6. Buxom “Brandi” Lip Polish – I was at the beach house this summer with my family and had to use my sisters bathroom on the reg to change and shower.  Well, she always has the best stuff and so of course I had to try the lip gloss she had in her makeup bag.  I did, and I love it.  Just such a basic to have in your purse.  Sorry Michelle!  I picked the darker color in this for the Fall, which is pretty much the only change I’m making to my makeup regimen for the change in the season.

7. Urban Decay Eye Primer – This will help your make up to last longer.  Not only on your face, but also in your makeup drawer.  You do not have to put on as much and it will last all day.

8. Urban Decay Super Curl Mascara – I have a few mascaras that I like, but everyone is going to have their own opinions.  I like this one and the bare minerals mascara the best.  They don’t run very easily and it looks great.  Also, the brush helps to separate my lashes.  I usually love the Clinique mascara, but since trying it again, it runs so easily and is pretty clumpy…. and I don’t have time for that.

What I typically do in the morning is put on a light eye shadow color all over my upper eyelid, and then put a darker shade on the lower part of my upper eyelid.  I then put brown eyeliner ONLY on the upper eyelid tracing very carefully along the eyelashes.  Put on mascara, blush and either the Clinique chubby stick or lip gloss.  Its easy and only takes 5-10 minutes.  Unless your cat jumps on you right as you are putting on mascara and you have to redo it after smearing mascara all over your face.

Makeup should be fun, so try new things! You never have to settle on one routine, that is the beauty of it!! (Did you get my pun? Probably not, its ok, I’ll laugh at my own joke.)

Another fun idea is to try the Birchbox program, it is ten dollars a month and you get a package full of beauty products.  And lets be honest, getting a package in the mail is a priceless moment.

Fall Fashion 2014

I am probably the Fall season’s biggest fan. Cool weather is THE BEST. I am so tired of sweating, worrying about wearing sleeves, and pit stains. Time for jackets, dresses with sleeves, and BOOTS.

Of course there are a lot of new fall trends and trends that are always Fall trends, but I am going to tell you which ones I am, literally, buying into and what I think works for the everyday woman.

This is my fall fashion thesis – what you need for this transition season: An army jacket (lightweight), a cute cropped moto jacket, scarves, leather detailed pieces, chambray, shirt dresses, skinny jeans, and some plaid.

First of all, plaid.

Yes every fall season plaid comes back in, but it has come back this season in a massive way. Maybe because this summer has been so hot people are craving it, I don’t know. I don’t have much to say about plaid, other than it’s great and goes with a lot. This season there are a lot of plaid shirt dresses and delicate plaid blouses. Bindhi & Brutus has a popular check scarf that will go with a lot! Put it with a chambray shirt and a black skirt, a chambray shirt dress, or my new fav, a black tee with a black skirt. I personally can’t wait to wear my plaid flannel shirt with my black mini.



Here are a few plaid pieces out there that would be great additions to your wardrobe!


1. Old Navy 2. Bindhi & Brutus 3. Target 4. Loft 5. Loft 6. Loft


Leather is everywhere this fall, and in very wearable ways. Just trust me.  You don’t have to like motorcycles or be a spy anymore.  Just switch one of your classic pieces for a leather/pleather (because I can’t afford real leather, and I can tell my vegetarian friends I do it for the animals) and it will add instant “cool” into your wardrobe.  For example, a tee with leather sleeves, or a leather pencil skirt to work.  I bought a pair of coated black jeans last year and just putting a cool t-shirt or flowy blouse with it give you instant fashion cred. You get the look of leather without the squeeking or heat.  Wearing leather is all about the play between hard and soft. I am in the market for a great black leather jacket, but haven’t met the right one yet. I’m hoping to hear wedding bells and see fireworks when I do find it, but clearly that hasn’t happened.


Here are a few leather pieces that would make an excellent addition to your wardrobe:


1. Old Navy 2. Loft 3. Old Navy 4. Gap 5. Madewell 6. Loft 7. Loft 8. Francescas



I don’t think I need to explain this again, BUT I will tell you where I buy mine. My favorite jeans are from Madewell, they came out with a new line that fits so well yet won’t stretch out over time. They are stretchy but still substantial. However, they are expensive. (Right now they will give you $20 off if you bring in an old pair of your jeans, and they also do student discounts)

I also love LOFT jeans. It is where I always take my skinny jean hater friends, because they have multiple fits for all body types. They have Marisa or straight fit, for people like me who are straight, and then they have the Julie (Curvy) fit, which fits great if you have hips and a tooshy. (is that how you spell it, I have no clue) They also have them in petite and tall. Oh and maternity!  (They look expensive but regularly have 40% and 50% off sales)

For transition into fall, put it with a flowy tank or blouse from the summer, and when it starts getting cooler, put a scarf with it.  Add a military vest for a more “fall” look. ALSO, start with a pair of dark skinny jeans, they are a staple.  Then you can move to the boyfriend and lighter wash jeans.

*10 points if you find my cat*


Here are a few of the jeans I recommend buying:


1. Loft (boyfriend style) 2. Madewell 3. Loft 4. Madewell 5. Loft 6. Loft (straight leg, in case you are afraid of skinny jeans… but you shouldn’t be!)

Black mini

It doesn’t have to be mini, but a flirty black skirt can do your closet a lot of good. I have a J.Crew one and it will get a lot of use this fall. Get a structured one that creates the shape you want for you. Put it with….EVERYTHING. Chambray, tshirts, plaid, tanks, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. I switched mine out this fall with a black leather (pleather) mini from LOFT.  They have such great skirts, in regular and petite.  They usually always have the same shape in something new and fun for every season.


Here are some different black skirt styles, some leather, some not leather, some a-line and some flared out:


1. J.Crew (this one is SUPER flattering, and on sale!) 2. J.Crew Factory(this one is navy blue, woops! They have it in black) 3. American Eagle 4. Madewell 5. Banana Republic 6. Banana Republic 7. Old Navy 8. Loft 9. Target


This is the one piece you really should get for the fall transition!!! You can put it with all of your summer dresses, over shorts, over jeans, OVER ANYTHING.  Seriously, you will not regret this piece.


Here are some army jackets/vests that you can buy today:


1. Madewell 2. Conversation Pieces 3. Loft 4. Old Navy 5. Old Navy 6. J. Crew 7. Conversation Pieces 8. Target


I think stripes are the perfect transitional print because they are super easy to layer. So all you need is a black and white striped tank, tee, or dress. Layer with tights, jackets, and floral print. DONE. Wear your tank with jeans, mini skirts, oh and plaid. Up til fall, you can wear it with your shorts (in any color) and skirts. A striped dress is also good because you can layer it with jackets and cardigans for the cooler days, and when it warms up again for a few days you can just wear it with flats and a cool scarf.

In this picture you can see how to bring the striped dress from Summer into Winter:20140921-162703.jpg


Cropped Jacket:

This is super easy.  Get a cute jacket that you love. It can be fun or it can be basic, just make sure that the colors go with a lot of what you already have.  Maybe start with a simple color or a black and white print.  Here are a few that I like!


1. Anthropologie 2. Anthropologie 3. Loft 4. Loft 5. Target 6. Gap


Replace your white shirt with chambray.  Wear it as a light jacket, under a sweater, under a sweater dress, with bright colored cords, or with denim for a fashionista approach. I will probably do a whole other post about chambray, so I am just going to show you a picture montage.


Chambray shirts are every where now, but here are some easy to find options!


1. Loft 2. Madewell 3. Old Navy


The easiest way to transition to fall is with some scarves!! Duh. You already knew that, I didn’t need to tell you.  Here is another picture montage, because, well, there is no reason to waste my time talking about how great scarves are when you already know it. Check out the infinity scarves at Brutus & Bindhi, we have tons of fun styles to add some color into your fall wardrobe!


Here are some transitional outfits and some Summer to Winter examples:

The Striped Shirt: Early to Late Fall

**STYLING TIP** Tuck in one corner of these flowy shirts for a put together/I-just-threw-this-on-but-still-look-super-cool look.  (Also, check out how the stores style their clothes on mannequins and in their online catalogues, that will give you a good idea for how to wear them.)


Summer Tank Top: Summer to Late Fall


Here are some good transitional tops, for this in between season:


1. Francescas 2. Madewell 3. Loft 4. Madewell 5. Francescas 6. Loft

The Sundress: Summer to Winter


The Little Black Dress: Summer to Winter


Finally, the Shirtdress.

These are great for the transition into fall, especially ones without sleeves, so you can wear them during the warmer pre-Fall days.  Shirt dresses are so simple to layer: Add booties, a scarf, tights, a cardigan or pullover sweater, and finally, a jacket.  OR wear them with sandals right now!


There are tons of shirtdresses out there, here is a small sampling:


1. Old Navy 2.Loft 3. Madewell 4. Loft 5. Madewell 6. Banana Republic 7. Target 8. Target

I can’t wait until it cools down here a tiny bit more so I can start wearing all of these cute clothes!! For now I will drink my fall flavored coffee and look at pictures of the changing leaves online.

** Shoe post and jeans/pants post coming soon!**


I’m back!! I know its been awhile, but lets be the kind of friends that pick up just where we left off.  No awkward silences please!

Well this is going to be a short one, but I will post my big fall blog this coming weekend to talk about my fall picks, fall trends to buy into, and JEANS.

So the idea of monochromatic dressing isn’t new to the scene, however, I am finally starting to feel comfortable enough to try it myself! It is super flattering AND so easy to pull off.  You can start off with all white or all black, but I decided to start with this fun fall hue.  If you do go with a bold color, make sure that you try to buy both pieces from the same store so that you get the same shade.



Not only is it flattering, but you immediately look like a fashionista. Just add simple jewelry (and one of these adorable chunky chain bracelets) and a bright purse/clutch.



Of course you can add a scarf to this look if it is chilly outside.  I personally love this Fall Floral Infinity Scarf!


Also, I got this entire outfit at Old Navy!! Now, I do have to give credit to my blogger crush KendiEveryday (she is AMAZING!)

I would also put leopard print shoes with this if I had them, or  do what Kendi did and put electric blue shoes with it.  But the nude shoes look classy, and it is easy to take it a step further with a statement clutch.


Blouse: Old Navy

Skirt: Old Navy

Shoes: Clarks Similar

Clutch: Kate Spade Similar

Bracelet: Bindhi & Brutus

Necklaces: Bindhi & Brutus

Scarf: Bindhi & Brutus