The Pregnancy Blog

DISCLAIMER: My model Lyssa IS NOT pregnant.  Only pregnant with love and a pillow.

Recently I have found myself surrounded by friends who are expecting a little one, or two. So I was inspired to do a pregnancy blog post, with the help of a friend and a pillow.

What I have realized about stylish women during pregnancy is that they do not try to hide it. In fact, they tend to wear fitted clothing to show off their bump. So my main advice to anyone trying to be stylish AND pregnant, is to wear slim fitting clothing with a structured jacket.  So, a bodycon dress with a jacket that shows off your back and slims your arms.


A lot of things are going to change during pregnancy (most of which I do not personally know about) but even though your belly might be growing, you still have other beautiful features to show off.  That is the great thing about a good jacket, it can give you the shape you want and help you look smaller in the places you want to look smaller, like your back and your arms, while still showing off your bump. Don’t try to hide under your husbands sweats, embrace this time and channel your inner Kate Middleton.


What I love about this army vest is that you can add it to almost any sundress and it helps to give you that womanly figure, even when you’re not pregnant. I’m assuming your vest and jacket size will not change too much during pregnancy, opposed to other things, like pants. Also, a jacket can give you shape without adding the skinny belt over the bump…. I have mixed feelings about that look.

Over a flowy dress this vest gives her a waist. IMG_9116

This is my stylish prego work look. Stripe dress with a Floral Jacket. Loft always has these dresses, every single season, so it would be so easy to get one on sale that you could wear during and after your pregnancy. (Of course with a statement necklace to amp up the look a little)IMG_9124


Easy and comfy.


This look is probably my favorite, an A-line dress with a fitted burgundy jacket.


Aww she loves her little pillow baby.


Now this is the obvious look, maxi dress with fabulous slit, but the cropped jacket adds shape and modesty.  I know all you A-cuppers are so excited to now be C-cups, but not everyone wants to see that.  If in doubt think “What would Kate Middleton Do?” WWKMD? Not wear plunging necklines and spaghetti straps.



Skinny pants + an empire waist shirt. Done. (My advice is to get the legging jeans from LOFT or ponte leggings with leather details, comfy and flattering – because your legs are still amazing!)IMG_9126

A wrap dress is always a good option as well. Pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy. (Think easy access for nursing or your man?) Plus it is one of the most flattering styles made for women. A wrap shirt will have the same effect, but you know how I feel about dresses. Also check out these amazing sandals with a small wedge! I suggest checking out the shoe section at Nordstrom Rack for some comfy cute sandals.IMG_9130

DATE NIGHT!! How amazing is this tight striped body con dress? Lyssa took out the bump and wore this to girls night right afterwards…. Sorry that isn’t an option for most of you.IMG_9127

Women will gain weight in all different places, and for some it is in their face, which is when a scoop or v-neck comes in handy to add length.


Put it with a leather moto jacket to add some edge, and of course raybans.

Ok, so the bump looks really SUPER fake, but hopefully you were able to  get past that! And this is the time during our photo shoot where we got a little goofy…


And she gave birth to a beautiful Orange cat!! THAT explains all the strange bumps…. IMG_9133

What to buy and what not to buy:

– 1-2 pairs of skinny pants (jeans/ponte leggings – unless you can borrow them!)

– Fitted Jackets

– Maxi dress

-body-con dress

-t-shirt dress

-cute comfortable shoes

-jewelry (because it is one size fits all!)

I am not an expert, I’ve just been noticing women with great style during their pregnancy and thought I would share with you!! What do you moms have to say? What are your fashion tips and tricks during pregnancy?