Sexy Shoes

Well I was online shopping with Christine, yes this is what happens when your friend moves away and you can no longer shop in person together, and we found these pretty amazing Sam Edelman heels.  Let’s remember that neither one of us really has an excuse to wear 4 inch fashionable heels, I live in Enid and she lives in a surf town.

ANYWAYS, they were too expensive, but I happened to be shopping in Nordstrom Rack 3 days later and my cousin saw them on the shoe rack there and I was in SHOCK. They were still full price online. So I got them for $40, and now have them in my house and need more opportunities to wear them. And this is how I did it!


Since they are higher than what I usually wear, I decided to wear a longer pencil skirt to make them look more conservative. However, I think these shoes would look silly with a traditional suit, so I put the skirt with a black cami, and a lace top.  To add a little sparkle I added the Clear Bead Statement Necklace, and of course brought a scarf with me just in case!


1. LOFT Lace Top 2. Ann Taylor Pencil Skirt 3. Sam Edelman Heels 3. Bindhi & Brutus Necklace 4. Bindhi and Brutus Fall Floral Scarf


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