Fall Accessories

You guys, it finally got into the 70’s today. That means I can finally start wearing sleeves!!

Because it was finally cool enough, I took some of our fall scarves and accessories out for a stroll in downtown Enid with the help of my gorgeous friend Mary Katherine. I love having beautiful friends!

This scarf is selling FAST, but it really is the perfect fall accessory. Flannel and plaid, I mean really, need I explain? I also love how it looks with black and white patterns.IMG_7506

Sometimes Fall fashion can become dull and we can get stuck in neutrals and a lot of black. A scarf is a great way to add color, especially if it’s neon. Just put it with a military jacket to tone it down a little bit.


Neon jewelry can help too – add just a tiny pop of color with a bracelet!




Red works too. (MK is totally rockin’ it in this photo, LOVE IT!)


Also this.


And for those chilly days, these chunky knit scarves are a must! Also they double as gloves if you sink your fingers into them.


Warmmmmmmm. Yeah I love these.  Also, I will be bringing one on my trip to Germany this Winter.  Its a scarf, a blanket, AND a pillow.


You probably know by now that I have a thing for floral.  Well guess what, its not just a Summer thing – YOU CAN WEAR IT IN FALL!! YAYY. Especially in fall colors.


And into the Winter with a fabulous Winter coat.


OR take your summer floral scarf and add it to a Fall jacket.   Make your wardrobe do some work!


As you can see, this military jacket look is extremely easy.  If there were a textbook for fall fashion this would be on the equation page: Skinny jeans + booties + scarf + almost any top = easy chic Fall fashion. (That is my kind of equation)


Even though it is scarf season, you can’t forget about jewelry! Let’s be honest, your office is really warm and you will probably end up taking that scarf off.  Add a Statement Necklace in a Fall color.


OH this is a fav. Color Block Double Strand Necklace


As you can see, it is so easy to add any of these necklaces to your favorite fall sweater. And I REALLY want to steal her sweater…. This is one of my “go -to” necklaces this Fall, the Chunky Gold Chain Necklace



We have a scarf for almost any occasion and any style! Use accessories to help define your personal style or add color to a dull Fall wardrobe.



All About that Bass

So I’ve been on Pinterest lately, surprised? And something has been really bothering me – everyone is pinning these super cute looks, yet what makes them cute is that they’re on these impossibly perfect girls. Where dem real girls at?!


Because you know it’s all about that bass, bout that bass, no treble…

I say that but I don’t really have any bass, I’m pretty average. Though I heard that Brazilian butt workout can do wonders….

But I do want to say this first, it’s ok if you’re treble, (if treble in fact means slender, I’m assuming at this point) in fact, it’s great – it’s beautiful! And every body type faces its own challenges.

I’m just wanting to shout out to those who are pinning those perfect girls in their perfectly fitting clothing – not all of those are going to look great on everyone. Style is all about finding what works best for your body – and maybe paying a few bucks to the tailor. Don’t try to be someone else, it shows. Every woman has beauty, and almost everyone has imperfections, and it’s ok!

We must learn to love those pieces of beauty and the imperfections…. though maybe camouflage some of those imperfections with some well placed darts and draping.

I challenge you today to pick 3-5 things you love about your body. It can be anything.

I’ll go first:

1. My legs

2. My eyebrows

3. My shoulders

4. Something that is too inappropriate to mention on the internet.


Then, your next challenge is to find ways to highlight those things you love.  If it’s your eyes, wear colors that make them pop. If its your legs, wear short skirts.  If it is your neck, wear clothes with a high neckline.  It is not that difficult to figure out once you have identified what you want to highlight.

Use your style to be more confident and be yourself!

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