So, it got cold here very quickly. I’m talking, taking a shower just to warm up kind of cold.  But, it is sequin season, I MUST WEAR SEQUINS!! This just means we have to be more creative and wear them with functional and warm pieces.

I got this awesome fancy sweatshirt from J. Crew, which allows me to be comfortable and warm, yet still feel put-together.  There are a lot of great sweatshirts out there now that have great embellishments on them.


I was taking pics for the blog and got cold in my house so I threw on this sweatshirt, and it actually looked pretty cute with the gold sequin skirt! So I decided to take a picture of it.  Just tuck in a little bit at the front to add shape, and voila, you are holiday party ready. Of course put it with booties and a necklace.

Where to find:

J. Crew sweatshirt

Loft sequin skirt (they have the gold one in stores)

Niloulu Pinecone Pendant Necklace

Booties: Similar, Similar


One thought on “SWEATSHIRT + SEQUINS

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