Knitting is pretty much the perfect activity for watching Love Actually and passing time on a flight to see your family for Thanksgiving (though you might not get much done on your project because the people sitting next to you on the plane can’t fathom how you got your knitting needles through security and they feel obligated to question you about this– it’s allowed people, check out the TSA guidelines) I mean, is it really THAT strange that I am knitting on a plane?

Anyways, Christine and I have been in a knitting FRENZY. It could be because the heat in my house was mysteriously turned off (probably my cats attempt to get more attention), and knitting helped get me warm AND because we unexpectedly  sold a bunch of scarves at the Holiday Marketplace in Enid and decided to make more.

We got the first snow of the season last week and I decided, with the help of my friend Lyssa, to take the scarves out for a test run.

pink scarf

Lyssa is pretty  much rocking all of these photos…. hope she doesn’t realize how great she is at this or I might have to start paying her with more than just nespresso lattes.


We were inspired to make these cowl knit scarves because of similar styles we saw at Anthropologie.  Don’t you LOVE how this cobalt looks with the winter white lace dress??


We also discovered a new technique to make these beautiful and warm chunky infinity scarves.


All of these are so great for adding style to almost any winter coat AND keeping you warm.  Again, I like to layer scarves with a necklace which adds sparkle and dimension to your look, and also because when you get inside and take off your scarf, you still have your third piece.

Chunky Rose Infinity Scarf

Cobalt Cowl Neck Scarf

Light Taupe Cowl Neck Scarf 

Chunky Dark Plum Infinity Scarf

Gold Pinecone Pendant Necklace

Also, this picture… because it makes me laugh and I have no idea what she was saying, but it looks like, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”



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