FALL TRENDS. {Nina’s wish list}

So this was pretty much the easiest blog ever, I went online to find things I wanted and put them here, for you.  You are welcome.  I know this is helping you so much.  These are basically the trends I would buy this beautiful Fall season!



A leather or plain black skirt.  Leather is the trendy version, but a plain black skirt will do too! Wear it with a chambray or striped shirt and a simple necklace and you will look simple and chic. Clockwise from left to right: Leather Mini Skirt from Target, Leather Mini Skirt from Madewell, Leather Mini Skirt from Target.


A Shirtdress.  Any shirtdress. Try it. Learn it. Love it.  These are the ones I would choose, in fact I bought the one from Loft (its on sale!!) and the one from J.Crew (its on sale too!!) If I had a fur vest I would put it with the Loft dress.  Shirt dresses are very easy to layer and transition between seasons very easily. To add a little fun, put a bright pair of flats with them, and of course boots or booties. Banana Republic Military Inspired Shirtdress, Loft Printed Shirtdress, J. Crew Chambray Shirtdress


CAMO.  (My husband will probably laugh when he sees this) Wear a little, wear a lot, just try it.  A great way to start is with a jacket, or patterned pants, or even flats.  It is just this season’s leopard print.  It looks great with neon or something super girly, like lace.  Anthropologie Camo Jacket, Madewell Camo Jeans.


Leather paneled leggings.  Mainly because I want to be able to wear leggings as pants, every girl’s hope and dream. They are flattering and will looks SO great with a chambray shirt and boots or flats! J. Crew Leather Paneled leggings


Army Green utilitarian skirt.  Yeah, I just really like this one.  I think J. Crew fooled me with their amazing marketing. J. Crew Military Inspired Skirt


A conversation starting sweater.  Okay, maybe the cat sweater is a little crazy-cat-lady, but I think I fall into that category. The other sweaters are so fun though! I wore mine with a chambray shirt underneath and a mini skirt! (Definitely not for the wall flower though, I got tons of stares when I wore my fox sweater…) Clockwise from left to right: Target Cat Sweater , Target Bird Sweater, J. Crew Camel Sweater, Madewell Buck Sweater


Simple Necklace that will go with nearly everything. LOVE this chevron necklace from niloulu!  It looks great with almost any neckline.  Also, look how similar it is to the Madewell necklace… just a little less expensive. Niloulu Chevron Necklace


Peplum.  Need an instant hourglass shape? This is how to get it.  Peplum is snug on your waist then flares out giving you instant curves!  Wear something form fitting on the bottom, or boyfriend jeans with heels. This style doesn’t look great on everyone so definitely try it before you buy it! Ann Taylor Lace Peplum Top


A fun sweatshirt. I am always cold in my house, so I am always looking for cute things to wear around the house that will not make me look crazy when I have unexpected visitors, go to get the mail, or just don’t feel like changing when I have to go buy groceries. This I believe is the answer.  Put it with a mini and some flats and I’m golden. Madewell Bien Sweatshirtcobaltstatement

Cobalt Blue.  Getting one or two things in the color of the season is the only thing you really need to look on trend and feel like your wardrobe is refreshed! This necklace is a great place to start. Plus there are tons of colors available!  Niloulu Cobalt Necklace


Mini skirt.  Pretty much want this in every color.  Put it with chambray or a striped shirt and blazer!  J. Crew Cobalt Skirt


A comfy slouchy sweater. First of all, this color is AMAZING.  Also, because I’m lazy. (Are you catching the theme of my fall wish list? Laziness. Pure laziness) Put it with a scarf, necklace, and skinny jeans. Boots or flats. Urban Outfitters Copper Brown Sweater



There are two things that will make me drool, tacos and these amazing pumps. I will never be able to afford these, but they are wonderful eye candy! J. Crew Flower Pumps with Stud Details, J. Crew Leopard Print Pumps, J. Crew Sequin Pumps, Madewell Calf Hair Leopard Print Loafers

and these:

frye boots

When I become rich and famous… Frye Over the Knee Boots

Have fun with new trends and try something new! Also, if anyone feels they need to buy me something from this list, definitely listen to those feelings, they are good.


FALL. {Christine’s picks}

I’m a total summer girl at heart. I absolutely love shorts and sundresses but there comes a day I just want to wear my skinny jeans again without sweating through them in 5 minutes.

To me, fall fashion is pretty much the best. With a little bit of layering, I can make several of my favorite summer pieces work in the cooler weather. The right scarves, boots, and jackets can make just about anything into a super cute, put-together fall outfit. And after 20+ years in the midwest, I know layers are the way to dress for cold mornings and hot afternoons. Keep that in mind, and the fact I’m moving to Florida in a couple weeks (YESSS!), when you see some summery items in my fall must-have’s list.

Christine’s Fall Must-Have’s


I love the color & texture of this scarf. And if I could have everything on this list, I would totally pair it with the cobalt tee.  As much of a DIYer as I am, let me just say that my at-home attempts haven’t looked nearly as adorable as this scarf.

Cobalt really is this fall’s super hot trend (see Nina’s Cobalt post for more on that). I love how this tee mixes comfy and cute, which makes this a wardrobe necessity.

Does someone want to buy this for me?! I can’t afford it, but omg do I love it. While I carry my hot coral Kate Spade handbag with me everywhere, this bag has a little more space that I could really use, some amazing texture, and is a great neutral that will go well with any season.

Another pricier item but I can’t get over how amazing the collar and asymmetrical zip are. This jacket can basically give you 3 different looks just with how zipped up it is. I also love the lambskin on the interior, which makes it look not only HOT but oh-so-comfy.

You may be wondering how this amazing lace sundress is fall wear, but just visualize this with tall brown boots (#14 ), the asymmetrical zip jacket, and a bold scarf with a long pendant necklace underneath (#11). There you have it, a delicate, feminine and put together fall look!

I feel like the only girl who doesn’t already have a peplum top. I’ve seen women of all different shapes and sizes rocking this style. Are you curvy? Wear this to accentuate your hourglass shape. Are you more of a straight, athletic build? Wear this to create a curvier hourglass. I also love how this top’s stripes make a stronger illusion of the tiny waist.

I already have these jeans in a dark blue wash and I freaking love them. How chic are black jeans?! I am dying to get this pair and mix it with a light chambray top (#12) and neon flats (#10).

This is another example of a summery piece that works perfectly for a layered fall look. I LOVE the color and would definitely pair this with the black skinny jeans (#7), asymmetrical leather jacket (#4), and ankle boots (#17)

This top looks so casual and a little military, but that waist tie gives it a more feminine flair.

I’m dying to get these! That neon mixed with neutral trend is a great way to add a pop of summery color with a cozier fall outfit. A good pair of flats can go with almost anything, too.

This is one of our new creations made by Nina. I might have to snag one of these from her before I move. I love the pounded texture and the warmth of brass. Long necklaces like this look stunning with everything – dresses, tanks, sweaters, jackets, and peeking out from under scarves.

12. Loft Chambray Denim Long and Lean Shirt – $55

Chambray is pretty new to my wardrobe. I have this shirt in a dark chambray that I pair with black pants, colored skirts, white shorts… basically anything but denim. It’s so versatile that I want another one in this lighter wash for a bit more variety.

After scouting this out online and trying it on in the store, I finally bought this (with a 50% off coupon)! This super comfortable dress has a subtle leopard print, a figure flattering waist tie to show an hourglass shape, and long sleeves that easily roll up to the elbows for more versatility. I just wore this the other day with my new knee-high boots (#14) since it’s a shorter dress and I think that is my new favorite outfit.

Brown boots are probably the most important fall staple on my list (along with skinny jeans). The over-the-knee look is a new trend of the season that is everywhere. I wasn’t sure how the over-the-knee look would work on me since I’m only 5’3″ but since they go up to my knee and no higher, it definitely works. Nina was absolutely right in her blog post about boots that the tall, knee high boots will make you feel sexy.A quick note for those in icy/snowy climates – these boots actually do have a decent amount of tread (more than most fashionable styles) which is definitely a plus!

There’s nothing like a good statement necklace to punch up your outfit. This plum purple is so rich and decadent.

I love a good maxi and this one would look adorable with ankle boots (#17) and denim or leather jacket (#4).

True story – I had been searching for the PERFECT ankle boots for over a year. They had to go with dresses, skirts, and jeans. I’m really picky about the comfort of shoes too, especially if a heel is involved. I just bought these at an outlet (with a military discount!) and they are exactly what I was looking for. I think the first day I wore them (with a sweater dress, scarf, & leather jacket) I got 5 compliments.

More cobalt! The color is so intense, just add this to a more neutral outfit (like the beige chiffon blouse, #19) and you’ve got a stunning put together fall look.

This long and flowy top looks like it would go with skinny jeans as well as leggings. Or tuck it in to a skirt. It would need to be layered with a cardigan or jacket and scarf for cooler weather, but a great base to work with. I’d also pair this with the plum statement necklace (#15).


I don’t know about you, but I definitely go through color phases.  I just got out of a purple phase, and now I am more into blues and greens.  Seriously cannot resist an emerald green or cobalt blue.  Plus, it just makes me happy whenever I wear it.


Niloulu Statement Necklace

Cobalt is such an AMAZINGLY vibrant color, and everyone should at least have a little bit in their closet—whether it be a small clutch or a bold cobalt winter coat.


Pounded Brass Chevron Necklace, Clear Bead Statement Necklace, Cobalt Blue Statement Necklace

Here are a few tips on cobalt blue:

  • Okay so I’m almost positive you have some black and white in your wardrobe.  It is a pretty basic thing to have and is also pretty “in” right now if you look in the fashion magazines. In the past a lot of people have put it with red or light pink, but a great way to update your black and whites is to put it with cobalt.  You can either add a little touch of it or wear it as your main piece.  Though, I guarantee your level of happiness will go up the more cobalt blue you wear.  GUARANTEE IT. Put a cobalt pant with a black and white top or wear a black and white dress with a cobalt blazer or belt (I WISH I HAD A COBALT BLAZER AHHHH).  OH.. or a cobalt pencil skirt with a black and white top, etc, etc.  I could keep going but I’ll stop and show you pictures instead…


Clear Bead Statement NecklaceCobalt Blue Statement Necklace
  • With any bright or neon color, like cobalt, neutrals will tame it down and give you a good warm/ cool combination.  I love taupe because it makes my bright colors pop.  And when I am talking about taupe, I am talking about a cross between grey and brown—something similar to the color of burlap.  Of course grey will work too, but neutrals in the brown family are especially wonderful with the cobalt—plus, you’ll get fashion points for not wearing white or black because they technically “go with everything”.  Also, consider animal print a neutral, it is surprisingly versatile! You can always start with an animal print shoe and work up from there.


Pounded Brass Chevron Necklace, Clear Bead Statement Necklace
  • Cobalt goes great with other bright colors too.  I love the way cobalt goes with magenta, chartreuse, and bright teal.  And by the way, this is coming from a girl who wears mostly taupe and grey, so if I can do it, you can. Who doesn’t need more color in their life? If it is too much wear a neutral and wear two bright colored accessories with it, of course one of them being cobalt.


Niloulu Colorblock Statement Necklace
  • Blue on blue on blue on blue. Ok, maybe I AM really crazy about blue right now, but for some reason, I LOVE wearing cobalt with other blues.  For example, wearing the cobalt statement necklace with navy blue and a jean jacket, or wearing a chambray shirt with a cobalt skirt or cords.  It is an easy way to try the monotone look without looking like you are trying too hard.  Make sure if you do this, that the colors are a little different from one another– or you could end up looking like a blueberry..


Clear Bead Statement NecklaceCobalt Blue Statement Necklace

Again, like with any trend, you want to figure out the best way that it fits into your closet.  Maybe just try cobalt flats or a cobalt statement necklace that you can put with whatever you already have.  It is just a small way to update and add a little spunk into your wardrobe.  Don’t buy the neon blue pants if you aren’t going to feel confident in them.  Trust me, YOU WON’T WEAR THEM if you don’t feel beautiful in them.  I don’t want you wearing anything you don’t feel beautiful in, because that is the entire point of clothes… other than not being nude.  In conclusion, try something new and have fun with it!

Shop these looks:

Niloulu Cobalt Statement Necklace

Niloulu Clear Bead Statement Necklace (Notice how I wore this in most of the pictures)

Niloulu Pounded Brass Chevron Necklace

Cobalt Pumps: Clarks, Similar, Similar Flats (ON SALE!!)

Cobalt Pants: Loft, Similar

Cobalt Dress: Anthropologie, Similar, Similar, Similar, Similar

Chambray Top: Madewell

Black and White Dress: Anthropologie and Madewell, Similar, Similar

Black and White Polka Dot Blazer: Madewell, Similar

Jean Jacket: Loft, Similar

Peplum Top: Madewell, Similar (ON SALE!!)

Chambray Shirtdress: J. Crew, Similar

Lace Taupe Top: Delias, Similar Color, Similar

Magenta dresses: Anthropologie and Madewell, Similar

Cobalt scarf: niloulu (COMING SOON!)

Grey Top: Loft, Similar

Jeans: Madewell

Striped Sweatshirt: J. Crew, Similar, Similar

Patterned Pants: Loft, Similar

Nude Shoes: Steve Madden, Similar

Mod little black dress: Loft, Similar, Similar,  Similar

Blue Skinny Belt: J. Crew, Similar, Similar

Chartreuse Skinny Belt: Loft, Similar(only $5!),  Similar