Meet Julia

I was recently introduced into a clothing company called LuLaRoe. At first I didn’t think it was really my style, but now I have more of their clothes than I’d like to admit! This is one of my favorite dresses, the Julia.  It is a basic pencil dress that is super flattering AND versatile.  So I decided to show off what the Julia can do!

Here are 8 looks I put together, and I could do many more, but I don’t have all the time in the world. 

Look 1: Scarf + Belt + Fringe Booties

This belt from Loft is awesome. My husband thought I had knotted it myself, and was impressed until I show him the snap =(. Even with my short short torso, it is still slimming and looks adds a great dimension to a lot of my dresses!

Of course a flannel scarf is a must for fall, but add something new with an aztec print scarf! I love this one in particular.


Nothing screams date night more than a pair of sexay heels and a fitted moto jacket! The best part about this look, you can take the jacket off and still have a playful, yet sexy dress underneath. (Oh and pretty modest too – nothing is sexier than leaving it to the imagination people) It might seem like a lot of black, but let me tell you, monochromatic dressing is the easiest way to take off ten pounds. No need for a gym with this outfit!

Add a pop of color with your clutch or purse! Like this mint green folder clutch that is currently available in the shop! I also threw on this simple, yet edgy necklace from Noonday Collection…. you should check it out, I have connections.

I am also going to take a moment here to recognize how amazing this dress makes my bum look! Sorry, it doesn’t happen a lot and when I took this picture I was like “hay guurl hayyyy” to myself.

Look 3: Julia + Lucy (maxi skirt)


The lucy is another one of LuLaRoe’s styles, it is a chiffon or lace maxi skirt depending on the style you get! It looks best with a fitted top, which means it looks great with a Julia underneath. Plus pattern mixing with florals is always fun!

Look 4: Chillin’


Yes, you can dress this down! I promise.  Put it on with a pair of sneakers or loafers, a sparkly necklace, and a bright bag – you can run out the door and go grocery shopping, coffee with your friends, or whatever else you might do that’s casual.  I would’ve put a jean jacket with this, but I think its in my car, and there is a battalion of wasps circling my car right now – so I apologize.

Look 5: Julia + Classic Tee


Disregard my weird face! I LOVE this look. Layering a tee shirt over this dress adds an extra dimension. My friend bought this outfit from one of our friends who is an amazing stylist and LLR consultant and I couldn’t resist. Pattern mixing at its finest.  It is SO easy, just get a tee shirt (this is a LLR Classic Tee) one size larger than normal, knot it to the side, and then roll up the sleeves tad!

Also, check out out perfect it looks with this Noonday Collection necklace and one of our fringe purses!! This look is perfect for transitioning to fall.

Look 6: Put a duster with it


Don’t be afraid of a duster!! I promise, you can do it. Plus, the easiest way to do it is with a fitted short dress and a pair of booties. DONE. I put it with a Black & White Lace Foldover Clutch to add texture and a super sparkly necklace!

FYI: This is also great if you feel uncomfortable about your booty, hips, or stomach.

Look 7: Fur Vest + Sparkle Belt

We all know it is going to get cold soon (hopefully – it’s still 90 degrees in Oklahoma), which means we won’t be able to bare our legs any more.  This look will look great with tights! And the fur vest is surprisingly warm! I found it at Nordstrom Rack for $15!! Yes, FIFTEEN DOLLARS. And of course, add a pop of color with your accessories!

I decided to take a break from wearing a necklace and put on a sparkly belt to add interest under the vest.

Look 8: Cozy Flannel


I wore this on Friday and got a bunch of compliments.  This is your “cool girl” look.  All you have to do is throw on a flannel shirt and a necklace! That’s it. Yes, booties and a clutch take it up a notch, but you can still get the same effect with flats.

Another good look for any of those midsection insecurities, and the flannel can be switched out for a chambray top!

Another great feature about this dress – it doesn’t take much to make it look like you are a pattern mixing PRO.

I wear a size small Julia – I am 5’5 133 pounds! I hope that helps =)

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And check out my friend’s Noonday Page too!

Sara Davis – Noonday Collection Independent Ambassador



Taking it personal for a post

So I’ve had this post written for a year but was afraid to share, since all you’ve seen so far are my outfits and my cat – nothing about emotions or my faith (maybe some emotion over cheese…) Being a military spouse or even moving just once, or having a friend move away is hard – here is what I have to say about it! I’m taking it personal for a post – don’t get scared away by any sappiness!

If living in Enid has taught me nothing else other, than how to wear cowboy boots,it has taught me that God brings you friends for specific times in your life. It may be a quick 3 months or years, but he knows who you need and constantly reminds you of his providence and love. He knows what you need when you need it. He reminds you that when he pulls away what you thought could never ever be replaced that he will provide. He will. Each time I melt down, each time there are tears, each time I think “this should get easier”, but it doesn’t. I begin to think that I will never meet anyone else who can fill that need. Each friend is a unique treasure, a unique vessel of love from God and cannot be replaced. That is ok. It is ok to mourn a friend leaving, it WILL never be the same. But change can be good, change makes you stronger! Someone else will come along and fill another need you didn’t even know you had. Learn something from each person that God puts in your life, there is something there! Don’t wait until their house is in boxes to realize the importance of their friendship in your life.

Of course you can stay friends, but it will never be the same. Skype dates can’t replace margaritas after work, but again, it is merely a change in your friendship. Certain aspects of your friendship will change, and new challenges will arise, but a true friendship will make it through. Yes, they will make new friends, and you will make new friends. You won’t be the one in all of their selfies on Instagram or the one that they go to when crying over a glass of wine, and that hurts, it does. You will both move on with your lives, but you will stop everything you do when they call, and so will they. (Even if you are running on the treadmill) If your friendship is important, you will make it a priority. Buy those plane tickets, make the road trip – don’t just talk about it.

Some practical advice? Have a project with your long distance friend so you have to stay in contact. I have personally found having an online shop with my friend has helped us stay close. Start a blog together, an Instagram for your pets, train for a marathon, or have a book club over skype. There are tons of options! Send your friend pictures of what you’re trying on at Anthropologie, because you know she is the only one who can be honest with you AND convince you to splurge. Also remember that nothing can replace a good old fashioned phone call, or even a letter! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t smile when they get a letter in the mail? Or dare I say, a PACKAGE! “….brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things!” – Julie Andrews always gets it right.

You will always miss your friend, because they DID bring something unique to your life. Remember those memories with a smile and maybe a little tear, then text or call to let them know you are thinking of them, they are probably thinking of you too.

Cry your heart out, it’s ok –and will help your friend realize how important they are to you, let’s be honest. The hurt won’t last forever, there is always something on the horizon for both of you, something new coming you don’t even know about yet!

Be patient with yourself and be open!

And now back to the clothes! Thanks for being awesome followers and friends!

All About Skirts

It officially hit 100 degrees in Oklahoma, making wardrobe decisions a little more tricky. Skirts are my saving grace during these hot summers because I can put on a cool tank with them and I am good to go!

Because of this reason I decided to do a skirt post (and maybe I got a request or two from friends). This is NOT a post for skirts in the fall or winter, maybe another time…..


I recently discovered Lularoe – which I was weirded out by at first, but now I love it! I wear this skirt to work all the time because it is comfy, cool, and easy to dress up or down! (Also makes my butt look PRETTY good if I must say so myself)

This one is perfect with an army vest (which btw is a MUST have) but also looks awesome with a slouchy tee tied to the side.  My new “thing” is to wear a color shirt that is very similar to the skirt or pants I am wearing and layer a jacket or vest over it – that way there isn’t too much going on and it also creates a slimming effect.

They have great vests at Old Navy, as well as these amazing high-neck tanks!


When I pick out tops or accessories I look for one of the smaller colors within the print and  go with that – like these burgundy shoes and the floral print in the skirt. OR wear a striped/graphic tee and mix prints. (Keep it simple though)

Here are some more ways that I style the skirt – SO EASY. Tuck it in and wear a jacket/vest, or just front tuck it.

Here is why I front tuck:

I go from looking like a blob to looking like I have shape. ‘Nuf said.

Here is another look I’ve done with a black pencil skirt. I tucked in a black came and wore a lace crop top with it – giving the illusion of a black fitted dress underneath.


Hi-Lo and Maxi:

These skirts are so beautiful, but my goodness, not easy to wear. Luckily for you, I finally figured it out – crop top.

The great thing about a crop top is that you don’t have to tuck it or tie it, just throw it on! I got both of these from Express – and they both hit right at the waist line of my skirts, so I don’t have to have abs! Yay!

Another thing I have to say about these is that because the skirt has volume, it doesn’t look right if you wear something voluminous on top – so wear something formfitting with it.

Shift Skirt:

THESE ARE MY FAVORITE! From LOFT, of course, because of the structure they are very flattering as well. My favorite is to wear a high-neck tank with them and a statement necklace.

The second skirt is more fitted, which is why I put a more voluminous top with it.

However, the first skirt has more of a flare to it – so it looks better with a more fitted top. (This is one of my main “go-to”s this summer)

Below is another LOFT skirt. And again I am wearing it with one of the Old Navy high-neck tank tops!


As you can tell, I have an a-line skirt formula – fitted tank, pendant necklace, maybe a belt. Pretty easy. I don’t really feel like talking about them any more because I have more important things to get to =D.

A t-shirt can also look good with these, just make sure it is fitted and not super loose! (Maybe even tied to the outside)



This is another one of my current favorites. It is a little bit awkward to wear, and you almost always have to have on heels, but I do love a good midi skirt.

I had my husband help me take this picture, which is why it looks like it was taken from space – BUT you get the idea. I put a crop top with it – SURPRISE! And I would also wear it with the striped one I paired with the purple maxi.  And guess what, I’m NOT wearing heels with this look, just really cool sandals.

I also have worn a fitted tank with this – but I do like the crop top better. I would not wear this with a t-shirt because I do think it would be too much volume and it could appear frumpy.

Mini Skirt:

I have done a few posts about these little mini skirts from J.Crew, so I will just repost a few pictures here!



To end my skirt segment – if it is a tight skirt, wear a loose top with it. If it is a voluminous skirt, wear a fitted top with it……. think that about covers it!

What topics should I cover next? Let me know!!



Noonday Collection

I’m sure that you have seen and heard of fair trade EVERYTHING. Well, this girl has never gotten into the trend because (1) it usually smells a little funky (2) it isn’t really that cute and (3) I don’t trust that it actually makes to the people who need it.


Well I was recently introduced to Noonday Collection, which is a jewelry and accessories company that gives dignified jobs to people in developing countries.  Yes, I was skeptical at first – I don’t trust very easily – but after checking out the website, I found about ten things I wanted almost immediately.  Not only does it help out men and women who might’ve been in danger of being trafficked, but it is actually very, very fashionable! (And it doesn’t smell funky)

My beautiful and fashionable friend Sara, the one who introduced me, recently became a Noonday Ambassador and I HAD to throw a trunk show, like immediately. I put together a few looks so you can see how awesome it is!


My FAVORITE necklace is this beautiful lilac paper bead necklace – also known as a shirt, because its massive. (It is sold out now but here is a similar necklace!)

Dress it up with a white lace dress or romper OR put it with a simple cotton dress to dress it down! I also love to wear this necklace with a high neck grey tank and cut-off shorts.

Now for my other favorite, the Imperial Horn Necklace. It’s THE cool girl necklace – if you wanna look cool, you need it.




A little blurry but you get the idea – I LOVE the Summer vibe of this necklace! It is super easy to wear with a simple tank top and shorts, AND it looks so awesome with our polka dot clutch!!

These statement necklaces can be intimidating – so remember to stay simple with your outfit if you are going to wear one! The easiest way? High-neck tank top, and Old Navy has a bunch of those right now!


Enter a caption

My favorites:

And before I start, I’d like to say that every single thing they sell is way cooler in person. That’s all. You may proceed.

The Imperial Horn Necklace

It might look intense and crazy, but let me tell you, it is SO COOL. You will get major cool girl points if you wear this! This can carry from Summer into Fall. Wear it with your neutrals, especially with white and black.


The City Scape Necklace

Ok, this one is WAY COOLER in person – I promise. I also plan on taking pictures with this one as soon as I get it in my order!!


La Bella Bag

This was my splurge/ I used my hostess benefits on this one. Need I explain? Yeah, its amazing and I can’t wait to travel with it!

Chennai Bag

This one is on my “Wait to go on sale” list – it is just fun, and funky, and easy to wear. And I hate that I had to choose between the La Bella and this one – it is SO AMAZING!

Sunita Necklace

This one is just simple and sparkly, I plan on wearing it with a TON. Definitely an every day necklace.

The Rachel Necklace

This is the not-so-scary statement necklace that will probably work in anyone’s wardrobe.  This one is on my list to buy in the future!

The Pagoda Necklace

Talk about TRENDING! This is the Noonday Necklace I’ve seen out and about the most.  You could wear this with a simple tee or even a dress to work.  (Also on my list to buy in the future)

Modern Romance Necklace

*Heart Eyes Emoji* x 10

Ibis Necklace

ON SALE!! And seriously perfect for tank top season.

Ibrahim Necklace

It is very hard to find a good silver necklace – and this one just fits the bill. Plus, you can take off the chain extender and wear it as a bracelet – say whaaa??

Monaco Necklace

This one is just simply pretty, also I can never turn down a white piece of jewelry. (Why is that? I don’t know) Probably the easiest to wear to work and wear with a dress! Ad guess what – ITS ALSO ON SALE!!

If my ears were pierced:

So that is my review of the Noonday Collection.  It is definitely worth a visit to their website, and sale section! Cool girl jewelry for a really awesome cause!

My ambassador is Sara Davis – she is awesome, and if you decide to buy some new accessories, make sure you make her your ambassador – or if you wanna set up a trunk show shoot her an email!

What NOT to Wear to Military Functions

I’ve been inspired this week by the upcoming Air Force Ball and Miley Cyrus’s wardrobe at the VMA’s. Even if you are not a military brat or a spouse, you might at some point in your life end up at a military function. For instance a promotion ceremony or a pilot training graduation.  One rule of thumb that makes it easy is to match the person in uniform you are going with, however, make sure to always dress modestly and with class. You are a direct reflection of the person you are with, so make them look good! You can always ask yourself, what would Kate Middleton do? WWKMD.

Let’s start with the ABU or Flight Suit:

Now this is the most casual you will dress, besides of course the PT uniform. This would probably be an event like a squadron potluck or an assignment night. If you are really nervous about what to wear, I say wear a tee dress with a statement necklace. Here are some pictures for reference (pictures might be outdated):


Oh Tom…. Ok, back to business!

If they are wearing this, you will wear something casual but cute.  This could be anything from jeans and a cute top to a sundress – so if you are not sure, wear something in between. Probably not the place to bring out your crop top or your cut off shorts, you might run into his boss or his work friends.  Also, this is what you would wear to spouse socials, such as OSC/ESC. Here are some examples:

IMG_2005 IMG_2012 IMG_2013 IMG_1972 IMG_1971 IMG_1973 IMG_1977 IMG_6101 IMG_6031


Air Force Blues: (This is going to look similar to a suit)

This is most likely to be worn at Change of Command ceremonies, retirements, promotions, and graduations.


So if they are wearing this, you will wear something similar to what you would wear to a wedding – a sundress, a lace dress, a nice maxi dress, etc. I’d say avoid spaghetti straps, but a modest strapless dress would be appropriate. Some great places to shop for these occasions would be Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, LOFT, and J. Crew. As a rule of thumb, don’t get your dresses from somewhere you shopped in High School, like American Eagle or Forever 21 – not that you can’t find a good one there ( I have a few), but you are most likely OVER 21 now, wear adult clothing.  Here are some examples:

IMG_2010 IMG_1970 IMG_1966 IMG_1978 IMG_0714

And here is a Kate example:


WHAT NOT TO WEAR:  These dresses all have a place, but not to an event where your military member is wearing his/her blues.


And finally, Mess Dress:

This is the fanciest you will get, and when I say fancy, I mean fancy-fancy. I’m not talking Easter Sunday, I’m not talking holiday party, I’m talking full length gown fancy.  So please don’t show up in a sundress.  If you are nervous about wearing a full-length gown, wear a fancy short cocktail dress. That is acceptable. Just make sure to have on some sparkle, cute shoes, and a clutch. Here is what it will look like:


It is best to wear a full length gown or a fancy cocktail dress.  No poof, no see through, no low back, no side-boob, not a ton of cleavage, and no train. We are NOT talking your prom dress.  If your 16 year old self would have worn it to Homecoming, DO NOT WEAR IT TO A MILITARY FUNCTION. Channel Kate Middleton when you are shopping.  Great places to shop are BCBG MaxAzria Outlet, Nordstrom Rack online, Saks Fifth Avenue’s OFF Fifth, the J. Crew wedding section, and Rent the Runway! Here is what I would wear (and disregard the hanger straps – it seems it doesn’t matter how many times I stuff them back in, they always pop out!!! So maybe learn from me and just cut them off) :




Here are a few more examples of what would be appropriate (disregard any trains):


And here is what NOT to wear:


Remember, you are a direct reflection of your spouse, your friend, or your family member – make them look good! It is not all about you and how hard you’ve worked all Summer to look good in that dress.  But YES, you can still have a lot of fun with it and be yourself, just not the Kim Kardashian version of yourself. Bring her out when you go to Vegas.


However, if your man is wearing this:


You should wear this:


I mean, obviously.

Tiered Dress

Happy Friday! It’s been awhile, so I’m going to ease back in with a short post! I recently discovered two things: the tiered dress and POSH Boutique in Enid. Both of which I love! Fear not, if you don’t live in Enid – check out Olive & Oak online, they have similar styles of this dress! (TJ Maxx also carries this brand, so you might as well be looking for it next time you go!) The tiered dress is pretty flattering and right now, it’s everywhere. I put a simple Quartz Necklace with it (still deciding whether or not to make some for the shop) and a mint colored Rebecca Minkoff Purse, which is my new obsession! And you can’t overlook those awesome shoes either, which I got from Target…. a little crazy right? Or not, Target surprises me every day! (Err, not every day, because I live an hour from the closest one) Where to shop: Similar Dress: LOFT Similar Shoes: Nordstrom Similar Purse: Rebecca Minkoff For information on the Necklace contact us at

Flower Pants

Sometimes you just wanna wear flower pants. Don’t hate! I can seriously see myself wearing these all the time with all different tops and shoes.  They will go with white, chambray, navy, green, grey…. and of course this citron color.  The great thing about any floral print is that there are many colors involved, so that means you can wear it with many different things.  And also stripes.  IMG_6099

I mean, how can you have a bad day when you wear pants with flowers on them? The answer is, you can’t. When you wear loud clothing, make sure to keep the accessories simple – Simple jewelry, shoes and handbag



I will write a post soon to show how to wear these in multiple ways!

Where to buy:

LOFT Pants

Citron Shirt (Similar)

LOFT Jean Jacket

Clarks Pumps (Similar)

Kate Spade Bag (Similar)